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News Details >>Trends in Men s Fashion

Now men s winter wear sweaters are no longer a protecting garment but a fashion statement which comes in great combination of colors like aqua blue, red, orange and pristine whites and amazing styles such as polo neck, pull overs and zippers. The material or the fabric also comes in different types like high quality wool to overcome lint problems and materials like linen which can be worn in tropical areas.

Today men s Ponchos also come in huge stripes and fish net kind of weaving, which is a regular wear in hilly areas. Designer jackets are also a must for every man, made from shiny pleather and denim which will go well with sneakers. Now T-shirts come is different kinds of necklines such as V necks, round neck and Chinese collars. The tee is either half sleeved, full sleeved or sleeveless and sometimes comes with hoods.

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