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Q: I recently found a pair of my father's old plaid pants that fit me great. Are plaid pants in? And if so, is there a certain season to wear them? A: I just bought my first velvet suit since-oh, I don't even want to say how long it has been. But I will say this: Members of the Rolling Stones would have worn a velvet jacket with jeans in the daytime, back when. Brian and Mick, anyway. A velvet suit is an elegant look, and so it's suitable for evening, but I would wear it to a daytime event where champagne is likely to be served. Why not? As for vents, whether or not a suit has them has no relation to degrees of casualness. Casual means "occurring by chance," and that's the charm of casual dress: unexpected combinations that look like fortunate accidents, such as velvet jackets with jeans.
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