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Mens John Wick Outfits

If you are a fan of action movies, then you might not have missed the John Wick franchise. There is an odd satisfaction in seeing Keanu Reeves using the smallest and most basic of the things as weapons. The films also some of the best fight sequences perfectly executed by the star but another thing that captures the attention while watching the movies is the impeccable style of the John Wick character. There is nothing too flashy or eye catching about the outfit but in reality it is quite the opposite. John Wick suits are designed for the character to blend in. In this article we will talk more about the John Wick outfits for men and how you can make the style your own if you like.

Black Suit If you are a person who loves a good subtle outfit but at the same time it being a stylish one, then you are in a treat when it comes to the John Wick films. All through the films, Keanu Reeves is rarely seen out of the black suits but the costume designer has never let us tread the boring line. In fact the John Wick suits are considered to be one of the most sophisticated and sleek styles that have been seen on the big screen. Keanu Reeves made the character come to life and all through the action sequences he makes it believable to be in these suits.

The costume designer for the John Wick films feels that he is usually hired to dress the characters who are sleek and the ones who the directors want to exude an extreme sense of elegance regardless of the work they do. For people who haven’t watched the films, the John Wick suits aren’t much different from the classic gangster suits – it is all black with a classic cuts. But this is the definition of mens John Wick suits on the first glance. When you take a closer look, the costume designer Luca promises that there is more to the outfit. He says that he worked closely with the director of the films and Keanu Reeves himself to create the perfect John Wick outfits.

The basis of the mens John Wick outfits design is that it is clean and simple. There have been four films in the franchise and all through these films the clean and simple mantra has been followed for the John Wick costumes. Instead of changing the suit design for each films, Luca said that he would use the opportunity to refine the look which has now become the signature look of John Wick. He promises that the John Wick suits aren’t as boring as they look on the first glance and there are many interesting details when you take a closer look.

Charcoal Suit Since the film consists of some heavy action sequences the first thing on their minds is the safety. The black John Wick suits that Keanu always seems to sport had spaces for the protection pads and other things that the actor had to wear for the safety during the action sequences. Also the suits had tiny slivers of fabric that were inserted to the suit sleeves and trousers so that the suit does not rip easily. All these extensions to the mens black John Wick outfits was done without compromising the fit and proportions of the outfit.

Also in the second film, Luca has a cameo as John Wick’s tailor and he is seen fitting the assassin for a new suit. He explains that though the suit might look black at the moment it is actually dark grey. If you aren’t a big fan of the black suits then you can try going with the charcoal John Wick costume. Most of Keanu’s suits in the films are the dark grey suits but because of the lighting they do seem black all the time.

Another thing that you can note on the mens John Wick outfits is that they are so simple to a degree that they easily showcase the things that need attention. For example, even a small cufflink or a tie bar grabs attention when being worn with the John Wick classic suits. In the second film, you might have noted that Keanu sported a pair of blood red cufflinks which might have been missed if worn with other suits.

Vested Suit If you are thinking about trying out the John Wick outfits for men then there are a few details that you should pay attention. The mens John Wick suit jacket is mostly single breasted and comes with notch lapels and two button front. As we have mentioned before, the films have numerous action sequences and stunts and to provide the best range of movement the suit jacket comes with double vent and higher armholes. If you also want to have the same range of movement then you can choose the same details.

While the John Wick outfits for men are usually two piece you can try out the mens black 3 piece suit style if you want the look to be more formal. In the classic 3 piece suit that he is seen John Wick seems to sport a black 5 button John Wick black vest but you can reduce the number of buttons depending on your body type. The John Wick vested suit would provide a cooler and more sophisticated look when compared to the usual 2 piece suit style.

The fit of the John Wick outfits for men is another thing to note. The costume designer Luca never fails to impress in dressing Keanu in impressive fits. Though John Wick orders the Italian fit the suits that he wear are not authentic Italian fit. The suits are especially custom made to fit Keanu and most of it are John wick slimfit outfits. This is a cool style to follow but make sure that you are choosing the fit that would perfectly complement your body type.