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Men's John Wick Outfits

If you are a person who likes action flicks then John Wick would definitely be on your favorite or must watch list. Also Keanu Reeves seem to possess the ability of roping in even people who do not care much for action. It can be safe to say that John Wick is a success. Now if we look at the film we see a similarity with the James bond movies. The fashion in both the movies are incredible and you just cannot ignore it. The beauty of the John Wick outfits and James bond outfits is that they are simple and easily blending in with the storyline so much so that they are a part of it. If you are fascinated by the style as much as we are then this article is for you. Here we intend to discuss more about the John Wick Men's outfits and the style lessons we can take from it.

Black Suit If you are expecting something grand like the lineup of the costumes in The Great Gatsby then you are in for disappointment. John Wick Men's outfits are all be subtlety and you will not see much difference in his outfits unless you see it close. The sleek and sophisticated look is one of the best styles to be ever on the big screen. We drew the similarity between James Bond and John Wick not because of them weirdly being impeccably dressed while undergoing the violent and nail biting action sequences while it seems like an impossible job for us to dance while being dressed up. But the point here is that both the outfits aren’t very grand but still manage to be eye catching. The elegance of these characters along with how they carry them through is something that makes us envy it.

Coming back to the John Wick style, the costume designer Luca Mosca says that he is often hired to design outfits for these kind of sleek characters who seem to radiate extreme elegance. His other films like Paranoia, Skyscraper and Vantage point proves the statement. The style of John Wick gangster outfits suits is for the most part placed on the stylish gangster look where they show up in all black suits. The main character John Wick here is a trained assassin who is looking for vengeance. He is not your normal contract killer and this is reflected perfectly in his costumes.

Charcoal Suit If you are going through the John Wick style guide the first thing that you would encounter is the importance of the fit. The costume designer for the film says that it was all about the tailoring and he spent a lot of time in perfecting it for Keanu. So the first step in getting John Wick type of style is to find your body type and then the right fit that would flatter it. We understand that no amount of pondering will provide you the same look as the designer John Wick fashion outfits since those styles were specifically created for the man. But one thing that you could do is to choose the right off the rack suit and then take it to your tailor for some alterations. These might be small tweaks but the end result can be amazing. If you are looking for John Wick formal suit style then this is the best way to get the impeccable style. If you are insisting on getting the best John Wick Men's outfit look then you could try going with the custom made option since it will always surpass any other fit. Make sure that you are willing to spend the bucks on it. It would be reasonable if you choose the custom made style for the special events like your wedding or similar events.

Vested Suit Now when it comes to the actual John Wick suits in the film, Luca revealed to have at least 50 similar suits made for the film so that the actor can change into it easily. Now it might be too much for us to have 50 of similar looking suits since we don’t go fighting gangsters all the time. Thus one quality suit would be enough to get through. While buying the suit make sure that you check the quality of the fabric and then make your pick. We would always recommend you to choose the natural fabric John Wick linen outfits for men but if you consider the price to be too high then you can look for John Wick Men's outfits discounts. But if you are just trying out the style and do not Intend to keep using it on a regular basis then you can choose the John Wick Men's outfits for cheap prices. You could buy the outfits in the stores by finding them using the John Wick outfit near me option or you could choose to purchase John Wick Men's outfits online. Whichever be your choice make sure that you spend some time in checking out the john wick outfits for sale. You could go with the exact similar John Wick fashion or you can include your own improvisations which you think might suit your personality.

While the John Wick outfits that he wears through the film looks black, the suits are actually dark shades of grey. It is the truck of the light but we aren’t complaining. While John Wick occasionally appears in the dark suit with white dress shirt style sometimes even in formal John Wick outfit with bow tie style, the all black look wins our hearts like no other. We men (at least most of us) have always has a fascination towards the all black outfits and seeing a fine specimen of a person like Keanu Reeves sporting the look is always welcome. The all black look would make the perfect choice for John Wick white outfits party wear. You could just style the black John Wick suit with a black dress shirt or a black turtleneck and then complete the look with a pair of black dress shoes.