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Mens Waistcoat

If you love observing the changes in fashion then you might have noted that the mens waistcoats are making a comeback. It is no surprise for people who know the history of fashion since this is a common occurrence of the styles going out and coming back in style. This is the same with the waistcoats and now the style is strong. Starting from the celebrities to the office workers, everyone seems to like the style of the mens waistcoats. If you are thinking about trying out the waistcoat style then there is no better tome to start. In this article we intend to talk all about men waistcoats, the styles available and how you can include them in your outfits.

We have already mentioned that men waistcoats is a style that goes in and out of style with time. One thing that is interesting about these types of styles is their history. What makes them come back and go. Thus here we are to brief you about the history of the men waistcoats and we hope that you like the journey.

Before we start, the mens waistcoat is the sleeveless garment that is the most fitting of all the mens garments. They are usually worn over the shirt and then a jacket is added to top the look. Depending on the region that you live, waistcoats might also be known as vests. Now when we trace the origin of the waistcoats, it shows that the popularity of the garment surged when King Charles II attempted to bring back the glory of the formal attire, especially among the people in the court. The waistcoats also aimed at making the mens outfits more fitting.

At the start the mens waistcoats came in bright colors and heavy embroideries. But with time this toned down and the designs became simple. Since then, the waistcoats became a mandatory addition to the mens outfits. People who stepped out of their house in 2 piece suits (suit without the waistcoat) were considered to be underdressed. The waistcoat was also considered to be the extra garment that gave protection against the cold. The waistcoats came in thick materials like mens wool waistcoats and mens tweed waistcoats. Even today we have the mens wool and tweed waistcoats but they aren’t as heavy as the ones that people used in the past. It is said that the people wore waistcoats even in their houses.

But when the World War came, the materials for the garments were rationed. Waistcoats were classified as extra garments and people were banned from using it. After the war ended and the supply became normal, people were used to the 2 piece suit style and the waistcoats never returned to their original glory. There was a time when mens leather waistcoats and mens fur waistcoats were popular but it was also short-lived.

Today we have numerous styles of the mens waistcoats and you will have to find the one which would suit your need. For example, the mens wool waistcoats are most recommended for formal use but there are also other choices to check out. Try researching each to find the one that will fit your need.

Now if you are wondering about the styling, we are here to help. Even if you are a person who is hearing about the men waistcoat style for the first time, you would still do great when you get to know the basics. Here are some of the best men waistcoat outfits that could work for you.

The three piece suit look is considered to be more formal and sophisticated when compared to the two piece suit look. Thus you can easily style the waistcoats with your business suits. You can style the same color waistcoats or try out the odd vest style.

Starting with a formal and easily attainable look, style the navy blue plaid blazer with a white dress shirt, navy cashmere waistcoat mens, navy print tie and a pair of navy dress pants. Now to complete the look, you can add a pair of black suede formal shoes. This is a nicely coordinated look that you can easily try out. But if you are thinking about trying out the odd vest look, you can style the dark brown suit with a white dress shirt, dark brown tie and then a yellow mens dinner white waistcoat. To create a well balanced look with the outfit, add with it a pair of dark brown leather tassel loafers.

If you are a fan of the tonal outfits then you can style the beige linen blazer with a white dress shirt, dark brown tie, beige check chinos and then a brown mens fitted double breasted waistcoat. You can complete this fashionable outfit by including a pair of dark brown leather tassel loafers. You can style the waistcoats when the weather starts to get chilly. For a cool and stylish outfit, style the light blue long sleeve shirt with a navy denim jacket, Charcoal grey mens checked waistcoat and a pair of burgundy chinos. If you are in doubt about the choice of the footwear to this outfit, you can add a pair of dark brown leather double monks.

Want more color to your outfit? Try out the men waistcoat pattern instead of the plain waistcoats. When you choose the plaid waistcoats and similar patterned styles, it gives a boost to the simple outfit making it shine more. For a effortlessly classic look, you can style the brown wool blazer with a white dress shirt, navy striped tie, black waistcoat suit mens and then a pair of blue jeans. To perfectly round off this hybrid ensemble, you can add with it a pair of brown suede tassel loafers. You can also style the vests without the jackets and this is a style that is picking up now. For example, if you are dressing for a summer vacation but the weather is slightly chilly then you can style the grey striped shirt with a navy waistcoat and a pair of white dress pants.