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Mens Wool Waistcoat

Recently there seems to be an update in the suits that was out of style for a long time. Mens waistcoats are back in business and this might be the golden year for the suits. The waistcoats are definitely not a new style for the menswear but they are always in and out of style. People have started to realize the appeal of the waistcoats and it is high time that you also tried the style out. There are many styles out there but mens wool waistcoats are our recommendation for today. We will discuss here on the best ways to select and style the mens wool waistcoats and make it your own.

Wool is undoubtedly our comfort garment and whenever we are in doubt about the choosing of the fabric, we go with the wool garments. Wool is a simple style that will also be durable enough to be worn as a daily wear. Thus when you are choosing the waistcoat style for the first time, we are suggesting you to choose the wool waistcoat mens. The waistcoats are known to make the suit outfit look more formal and sophisticated. If you are a fan of the dapper suit looks then you should add a waistcoat to your wardrobe asap.

While choosing the wool waistcoats, there are a few things that you will have to note. For example, there are different styles of the wool waistcoats. Flannel wool waistcoats are recommended for people who want a plain look while the worsted wool waistcoats might provide with an interesting look. There are also wool tweed waistcoats that could over a more country type of look. Think about the event you are attending and then make the right choice.

As for the fit of the mens wool waistcoats, you should already know that the waistcoats are the most fitting garments in menswear. It would be great to choose the slim fit waistcoats but choose something that would suit your body stature the best. Usually single breasted waistcoats are the ones preferred by the wearers but if you want a more fitting and sophisticated style then we would suggest you to try the wool double breasted waistcoats.

Styling the waistcoat has many options and it all depends on the look that you prefer. For example, if you are dressing to the office then you can choose to style the mens wool waistcoats with the suits and other formal outfit styles. But if you are going for a smart casual or casual styles, you can experiment with different looks. You could even style the mens wool waistcoats separately without the jacket. Only when you try out the different kinds of looks, it can help you determine the one that suits you.

If you are loving the waistcoat look but need some guidance on starting out with the style then you have come to the right place. Here are some of the mens wool waistcoat outfit ideas for you to check out.

The color of the waistcoat that you choose plays a major role in the look of the outfit. You could choose to go with waistcoats that are of the same color of the suits or you can choose to go with the contrasting colors (odd waistcoats). For the formal events, it would be great to go with the same color wool waistcoats while the contrasting waistcoats are recommended for people who want outfits that get attention.

Matching waistcoat outfits

For a formal look that could work as a regular workwear, you can pair the navy blue plaid blazer with a white dress shirt, navy wool blue waistcoat and a pair of charcoal grey dress pants. A pair of navy socks and burgundy leather monks is all you need to make the style noteworthy. For a simpler style that you could easily put together with your existing wardrobe, you can style the black blazer with a light blue dress shirt, navy and white polka dot tie, wool black waistcoat and a pair of black check chinos. What better choice to round off the look of this outfit other than to add with it a pair of black leather double monks.

Tonal waistcoat outfits

This is probably the most popular style as of now. You could play with the shades of the colors with little effort. It will give you a coordinated look that will also showcase your sartorial prowness.

For example, you could style a mint blazer with a white dress shirt, dark brown tie, dark green classic wool coat and a pair of grey dress pants. To make the look magazine worthy, add with it a pair of grey socks and brown leather brogues. For a ruggedly elegant look, you can style the beige linen blazer with a white dress shirt, brown tie, brown wool blend waistcoat and a pair of beige check chinos. To give it a fashionable look, you can add with it a pair of dark brown leather tassel loafers.

Contrasting waistcoat outfits

This is an outfit idea that could gain the attention of the viewer on your outfit easily. For a sharp and refined look, you could style the olive blazer with a white striped dress shirt, black print tie, yellow casual wool waistcoat and a pair of grey dress pants. To make the outfit more functional, add with the outfit a pair of dark brown socks and dark brown leather derby shoes. For a casual and cool outfit you could style the tan blazer with a wool red waistcoat, white dress shirt and a pair of navy jeans.

Waistcoat as separates

For a stylish and classy look, you can style the wool grey waistcoat with a white dress shirt, navy striped tie and a pair of blue jeans. For a cooler and trendy style, you could pair the brown long wool waistcoat with a blue chambray dress shirt, dark brown leather shirt jacket and a pair of tobacco corduroy chinos. Complete the look with a pair of black leather Chelsea boots.