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Mens Double Breasted Waistcoat

If you have started to explore your suits style then you might come across the three piece suit style at one point. The waistcoats are a simple addition to the suit but it can make the result look far more sophisticated than the 2 piece suit look. While people usually choose the single breasted waistcoat styles, we are here to suggest you to try out the double breasted mens waistcoat styles. For people who do not know about the double breasted styles it comes with the two flaps that overlap with each other and there are two sets of buttons. The double breasted style gives out a more elegant and sophisticated look than the single breasted styles and this is true for the double breasted jackets too. If you are interested in knowing more about the mens double breasted waistcoat style then read the article further.

If you like watching movies and series then you might have noticed that the waistcoat style is back in fashion now. People are starting to get fascinated by the 1920s fashion and one of the integral part of that time’s fashion is the waistcoat. The three piece suit style was the norm at that time and the full suit consisted of the waistcoats. But after the war the use of the waistcoats dwindled. From then it has been in and out of style with now being the in time. If you are a person who likes to dress up then you should definitely go with the waistcoats style.

Hollywood loves a good dressed up man and apparently the audience also do too. If you are looking for style lessons there are a lot with some Hollywood characters and this is the same for the double breasted mens waistcoat fashion. Here are some of the double breasted mens waistcoat outfit ideas which you can try for yourself. But before you learn about the styling make sure that you choose the right style of the garment. There are various double breasted mens waistcoat designs and you could choose the one that suits you. You could check out the stores that have the double breasted waistcoat for sale using search options like double breasted mens waistcoat near me and similar phrases. Think about the details like your budget and you can choose according to that. You can filter according to your need like choosing the double breasted mens waistcoat price option to find the styles.

If you are concerned about the quality then you should take into account the fabric of the garment. Usually people choose to go with the double breasted wool waistcoats since wool suits are the most popular. Matching the fabric of the suit with the waistcoat is a neat way to start with the 3 piece suit style. But if you like some texture to your outfit then you can choose to go with the double breasted waistcoat tweed look. On the other hand if you are looking for casual and trendy look then we would suggest you to consider the double breasted leather waistcoats style. Whichever be your choice make sure that you find the right fit since the waistcoats need to be well fitting for the look to work. The waistcoat should lie close to your body but without making you uncomfortable or restricting your movements in any way. The double breasted waistcoat vest should be more taut in fit when compared to the single breasted styles.

If you are thinking about the styling of the double breasted mens waistcoats then here are some ideas which you should check out. You can achieve different looks with the double breasted mens waistcoats but you should also be ready to experiment with the style. You can style it with the suit or you can also style it separately with the shirt and pants. The style of the waistcoats along with the choice of the combining garments matters the most. Here are some of the popular celebrity looks of the double breasted black waistcoat outfits that might convince you to try the look for yourself.

James bond

When we talk about top notch menswear then we just cannot ignore James Bond. The character has remained to be a style icon for men for about decades now. Although it might seem absurd for some with the way he performs his stunts and chasing while wearing a three piece suit, it still is aesthetically pleasing and sometimes it is all that matters.

If you are aiming for the James bond type of look then we would suggest you to choose the dark colored suits and pair it with matching waistcoats. For a simple and smart style that you can easily wear to your office, you can style the charcoal grey suit with a white dress shirt, burgundy polka dot tie and a charcoal grey waistcoat double breasted. You can complete the look by including a pair of black socks and black leather oxford shoes. If you are feeling experimental then you can choose to try tonal or contrasting colored double breasted waistcoat styles.

Harvey Specter

Now this is a character who charms us greatly with both his charisma and impeccable dressing style. You could never see the attorney slacking off when it comes to dressing and of course with his cases too. If you love to go with the sharp double breasted White waistcoat fashion then you should take reference from Harvey Specter style.

He is an attorney and he dresses appropriately. His suits are well tailored and fits him perfectly. Another major thing to note is that he does not shy away from patterns (though it is mostly stripes). If you love this style then you could style the navy pinstripe suit with a white dress shirt, black tie and a striped double breasted longline waistcoat. While the double breasted mens waistcoat pattern is available in different styles, it would be great to choose the subtle ones first. Once you are used to the style, try out bolder ones like plaid or double breasted houndstooth waistcoats.