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Mens Maroon Wedding Tuxedos

If you are as bored as us with the black tuxedos and navy tuxedos then this season must have been a relief for you. Men have finally realized the lack of diversity in their wardrobe and have started to rectify it. Maroon wedding tuxedos are one great outcome of this and we are rooting for it. While there are a lot of color options to choose for the tuxedos, maroon has worn the hearts of the fashion designers and as a result we have been seeing our handsome celebrities often sporting the color. If you are thinking of trying out a new style this season then you should think about choosing maroon tuxedo wedding since it seems to be the hot style right now.

Burgundy Tuxedo It is not as if, we men originally disliked the colors. There were periods when our ancestors wore everything bright and shiny. But with time, fashion refined and too much so. The navy and grey suits often were recommended for work but we continued to use it for other events too. Soon enough the lack of colors and anything remotely exciting has vanished all together from our wardrobes. It is time that we realized this and include more colors in our fashion.

Maroon is a great start to this venture since it is just right. For people who have been used to the dull and subtle garments, it might come as a shock to choose bright clothes all of a sudden. In that case, maroon is a color better than navy and grey but also not entirely on the bright side. This makes it a perfect choice to start including colors back in your fashion.

Maroon easily complements all skin tones and thus would be a great choice for anyone who like to try out an exciting style. It gives you a classic look that cannot be faulted even for the black tie events. Weddings are one of the events where the maroon tuxedos would easily blend in.

Imagine you are the groom of the wedding. You have a black tie dress code and hence almost all the guests would show up in black tuxedos or similar styles. In that case, if you choose a black wedding tuxedo yourself, you will just blend in with the crowd and nothing more. But with a maroon wedding formal tuxedo, it would be the perfect attire for your special day. Thus the maroon tuxedo adds personality to your outfit and gives an unique look that every man wants occasionally.

Peak Lapel Jacket If you are thinking about choosing the mens maroon wedding tuxedos then the search phrases like maroon wedding tuxedo near me could help. You can find the sites that offer the particular style of the garment. But make sure to filter out the sites that have the best quality maroon wedding tuxedo on sale. The next thing to do is to sort out your preferences.

For a formal and standard look, go with the wool tuxedos while if it is a summer event choose something light in weight. If you are looking for is special choice then you can go with the luxurious maroon wedding tuxedos. But if you have a limited budget then low cost maroon tuxedos made from synthetic materials like polyester and rayon can do the job. Whichever the priority, choose the tuxedo after some quality time in consideration. When you start to look for the tuxedos early, you might even find the sites that have the maroon wedding tuxedo on discounts.

Now styling the maroon wedding tuxedo might be easy for the formal events but you just do not restrict it so. Maroon seems to be the color of the season and hence you can use it to the full potential. For example, you can style the maroon wedding tuxedo jacket as separates with the other combining garments. This way, you not only make the garment more versatile but also sharpen your styling senses.

If you have been wondering about the styling of the maroon wedding tuxedos then you have the celebrities to help you. These people get the advice of world’s renowned designers. Here are some of the outfit ideas that you can borrow from them.

Boys Tuxedo Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is not new to the bold styles but the man seems to pull off anything that he wears. He is often sported in unconventional styles but for the Oscar event that he attended, the man went all formal by styling the maroon wedding designer tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie. The contrasting peak lapel is black in color which complements the tie. Now if you are choosing to go with this particular style of the tuxedos then you can add with it a pair of black patent leather Oxford shoes which is what Ryan did.

Shawn Mendes

If you are a person who loves vintage and modern styles equally then you should love the Grammy outfit of Shawn Mendes. The singer has grown exponentially in the last few years and his style has also refined with time. For the 2020 Grammys, the singer looked stunning in the maroon wedding slim fit tuxedo. The difference of this style with Ryan’s outfit is that Shawn went with the three piece tuxedo look without the tie. This would be an awesome outfit for people looking for unique maroon wedding tuxedo outfits. For the right completion of the outfit, add with it a pair of black leather Chelsea boots.

Ryan Reynolds

If you are in for the casual maroon wedding tuxedo look then you should love Ryan Reynolds’ look. For an event that he attended the Deadpool star was seen wearing a branded maroon wedding tuxedo which he paired with a navy print long sleeve shirt. This contrast of blue with maroon is one of the easiest combination to pull off. If you are not very sure about the pattern then you can swap it up with a plain blue dress shirt.