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Casual Suits Jackets For Men

Casual suits jackets for men

Today, when we think of men's 1920s suits jacket, our first thought is of Gatsby, and the impeccable style of the day. This era ushered in booming business, leading to wealth, which in turn was visible in the way women and men dressed. It's a dashing look of class, and when worn today with the right selection of garments, will impress onlookers, and bring a sense of mystery and refinement to your character.

To pull off the 1920s style without looking like you're in costume requires an elegant touch to the classic and sophisticated look. Staying true to a refined color palette, involving neutrals, and limiting accessories, will have you poised to carry this look to perfection. If you're going to wear a hat, leave the gloves and walking stick at home. If you want to add a pop of color, a tie makes a great statement. Choose a jewel-tone, such as burgundy or emerald green.

Choosing mens 1920s casual suits jackets with quality fabric is the first step to building the attire properly. As times changed in the 1920s, fabrics became more comfortable to wear. Woolen, a form of wool that is not textured like tweed, but flat and smooth, was used to create men's suits jackets. Rayon became the choice for men's ties, taking the place of the traditional silk.

When scouting 1920s mens casual suits jackets clothing for sale, a perfect summer choice would be linen. Light colors look refined, yet relaxed, for the warmer months. Envision yourself at a polo match, or seaside awaiting your yacht. The summertime brought the wealthy out to play, but refined fashion never faltered.

Custom clothing was a way of life, and having a proper fit was of the utmost importance. When dressing in the style of 1920s mens casual suits jackets, keep the cut of the pieces in mind. A proper fit will automatically give this look the air of distinction.

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