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Putting on a tux isn't as easy as it would seem to be as there is more to it than just throwing together a shirt, jacket, pants & a bow-tie. There are many things that make you look good in a tuxedo. And, a thought has to be given about the collar, the shirt, the bow-tie among others. As the tux is the penultimate in men's formal wear, making a mess of it can be the penultimate faux pas. So, always choose wisely.

JacketsThe tried & tested traditional penguin suit in black is a favorite among formal wear in tux jackets. You can also have your tux tailored & make it look thinner than the usual lapel to give it a slightly more modern twist. There's more to a tux than just plain black. If you want to give yourself a more streamlined & laid back look, you can get yourself a shawl collar instead of the usual lapel. You can also switch to satin on the lapel as it will give a shine with big brands like Ralph Lauren. You could even have your jacket changed altogether. You could give yourself a rock star look with a velvet jacket. It's very daring & you can put it together with a simple white shirt & a black tie. A white tux, which is quite tough to pull off, makes a more stylish statement than the traditional black.

ShirtsThere's nothing that would top the tuxedo shirts when compared to the ordinary shirts that we wear everyday as they have a finer & stiffer quality. But, you don't really have to stick to just plain vanilla white. You can mix it up with another color like blue or yellow. You will stand out from everyone else because of the slight color deviation. If you feel like going anti-against anyone or anything, the best way to let yourself be heard or seen is a textured tuxedo shirt in black. You'll be able to stand out in the crowd without making a fuss about it.

A bow-tie isn't just a bow-tie. TiesIt could either be a big, flamboyant & charming bow-tie, that would make you look like you have a rafflesia around your neck or a thin & svelte bow-tie that is part formal wear & part minimalist artwork. But, the choice is left to you. You should choose a bow-tie that would suit both you & your reflection. But, then again, you could skip the bow-tie completely & go with a long slim tie. It's a very forward approach to fashion, like the velvet tux. You ought to keep all the pieces classic in case you go through the long & slim road. Be free to ask your tailor for recommendations. After all, he's the guy whom you are paying to look good for. A complete tuxedo ensemble, however, includes a jacket, trousers, shirt, bow-tie, cuff links, studs & cummerbund or a vest. You have a lot of styles, colors & patterns too to choose from. Also, check out the Internet if you feel the need to do it. You can purchase your own tuxedo on the Internet if you check out some of the websites. You can purchase these tuxes for the price of renting a tux twice. So, the next time when you think about renting a tux, be sure to check out on the Internet. So, go on, be selective & individualize your look.

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