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Quality of mens suits
  • The men's suit business into a designer fashion world and the almost complete mechanization of its manufacturing process, determining the contemporary suit's quality and intrinsic value is the most elusive challenge facing today's shopper.
  • The period when men's suits were expected to carry a man from one decade to another and were selling based on the comparative merits of their quality.
  • In the 1920 before machine were invented, suits were grades, this grade specified the number of hand operations used to prepare men's suit. Handmade suits were considered as perfect man suit. For example number one grade considered as lowest grade of suit almost entirely machine made. Two number grades could use some handwork to finish the cuffs, collar, and buttons. Three numbers have these three components finished by hand. Six number the highest grade on the scale, was made almost entirely by hand.
  • Some manufacturers would misrepresent these numbers in suits dress to attempt to sell their product at a higher quality rating it deserved, but atleast the system gave the retailer and consumer some sort of uniform standard for mens designer suit.
  • With advancement of technology, in machine-made men’s suits blurred the advantages of more costly hand crafting, tailored clothes have become creations of refined engineering and industrialized production.
  • With the tailor's shears and hand-sewn stitches being replaced by computers, laser knives, conveyor belts, fusing, and high-speed pressing machinery, the modern men's designer suit has become a marvel of tailoring science and technological genius.
  • An hour of actual labor and quality control separate the less costly from the most expensive machine-made men’s suits.
  • While the higher-prices mens business suit's shell fabric, linings, facings, and fusible are more costly and produce a softer, more flexible garment, they do not account for the entire difference in retail price.
  • Today, most mens suits are constructed in the same manner as a dress shirt's collars and cuffs, whose outside layers are top-fused for permanent smoothness.

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