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 Tuxedo  :: Mens brown suits
Mens brown suits

About Style and Fabric of Men's Suit

Selecting fabric of mens suit is very important. If you want wrinkle free clothes and if you don’t want to waste your money on dry clean than wool suit is the better option. Wool-polyester mix will wrinkle less. Wool suits can look fashionable. Take an advice of sales person for all season fabric and style .

In mens suit pinstripes are fine, but don't use any other pattern, and make the stripes subtle so that the suit stays in style. Don't get a bright color unless you actually have the sense of style. Keep it simple, and go with charcoal or navy.

A three - button  jacket  looks distinctive,  one button suit  makes a  difference, a  double-breasted  or  two-button suit is best choice for thinner mens suit.

If you are a big personality, you should take care from every angle when you try on jacket that it should button easily, and not pull when you sit or stand. Your arm should move easily. The main thing to care is shoulder. As shoulders can not be altered, make sure that shoulders fit properly and look good. Lapels should lie flat and show about a half inch of shirt collar when you're standing with arms to the side.

The lining should feel rich and thick to the touch. An unlined or poorly lined jacket has a short life span and it wrinkles easily. The jacket should be fully lined with no seam wrinkling; Sleeves should come down to the wrist bone.

The best choice for stay in style and look slim is flat front pants. You will indeed need a little stitching; the pants should stop right above your heel, and rest on your shoelaces, or where your shoelaces would go. Ideally your pant should rest comfortably on your waist with or without belt. Your pants should be lined. When you sit or bend pockets should not knob or crease. Check that your suit is comfortable in different posture.

Men’s Suit colors

Selection of colors is also equally important as selecting fabric of Mens Suit.

  • Mens suit classic colors are navy blue, gray and charcoal.
  • Black is traditionally a color for ones dinner jacket
  • Mens traditional suits are generally solid colors or pinstripes, with refined checkered.

Fashion Concept At a Glance

A suit is generally worn with the intention of making a statement about oneself, create a certain image or simply as an expression of respect. In the corporate world a business suit can convey the individual's place within the organization's ...

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