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Summary: It's the custom for the Christian wedding that the mother of the bride has to purchase her dress first. As she is the mother of the bride generally her choice of clothes are not very loud, and if she follows tradition then she could wear a traditional western suit. The mother of the bride suits would be of light and subtle color or white is the best color for her. It is also better if she can keep coordination in her wearing as well as groom’s mother wearing. However, this approach can be a little old-fashioned, not to mention a little unrealistic. There's always some factor that make abiding by tradition a lost cause. It is always better to just play it by ear, and try to be flexible. After all it’s your daughter’s wedding and not a competition.

Traditionally, you have to avoid few colors like white, ivory, and champagne color family as that can match the bride's wedding gown, and if you are not so adventurous type then you will tend to avoid that, also you have to avoid the color black because black is for mourning’s and red colors are not really a good color for suits that too for mother of the bride. Also all the shades that are too flashy for your taste or age, hence for the mother of the bride suits has to have a standard. is the standard. Though we've seen moms in white who look tailored and elegant.  

But these days everyone is so fashionable and stylish and moms look so stylish and beautiful these days that every color suits on them well if they can carry well, so if you also think you are stylish enough to carry bold colors then you can choose some solid dark colors for the mother of the bride suits for wedding. Even you can wear a classic black suit made of silk with right kind of accessories.  You will look formal but very elegant and classy in your chic red suit and if you can wear it in proper way, and you know that even red can be done with gorgeous good taste.

The bottom line is before you start shopping, talk to the bride. She may be very sensitive to the color issue or completely indifferent. If she expresses reservation,  you should think about subdued-but-stately colors in the lavender, silver, burgundy, and blue families. You can also go for Shawl collar Jacket that is simple in style and classically tailored with beautifully clean lines, this jacket offers the ideal solution for those all important calendar occasions. You will absolutely dignify and awesome in the stunning detail that comes from a shawl collar, softly flattering hue and single twist detail button. Embrace effortless style in the shape of elegant dresses and sophisticated accessories that are sure to complement a very special day. Complete with full length sleeves, the jacket can be effortlessly styled over your carefully selected event attire and just feel very special in the mother of the bride suits.

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