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Big Suits

Fittings of Big Suits

Big Suits

Summary:  Big Suits are the attire of the men who are bulky, very tall, or quite well built. Mostly we have seen the modern fashion is circumference around youthful, slim people. However, many men are more than average slim and thin. Considering them the world of fashion for suits has changed and the concept of making big suits have started.

For all these men well-fitted big suits can add a huge positive difference in the way they are dressing up. The best option is to go for the tailor made suits that will fit perfectly and will be able to hide the flaws of the body. Along with that right kind of fabric as well as color is very important aspect to choose by you to get that well groomed look. Dark solids colors like navy and charcoal will always work well. It is a smart idea to dress more classically with a white or light blue shirts and a simple tie, but you can try more colors if you want. Try to wear a vest as it will make you look slimmer. Also, wear single-breasted suits to give that perfect final addition in your look while wearing the big suits.

Here are some tips for the best looking big suits for big men:

  •  In big Suits it is important that the shirt collar should fit tightly around your neck, but be cautious it should not look like a double chin. Avoid wide cutaway collars because they only create more width.
  • In addition, you can try to look for classic turn down collar shapes that are not too small. Go for a medium sized tie knot, it will complete your look.
  • In Big Suits, a four in hand or Nicky knot will be just fine. Cufflinks are fine too, if your cuff fits firmly around your wrist.
  • A stocky man mostly looks very glamorous in three-piece suit, hat, gloves and umbrella. The cuff less trousers fit appropriately to his appearance and overall, Note that wearing a contrasting vest is important.
  • For very tall and heavy people, there is a need for tailor made suits that make them look respectable and dignified.
  • Just like with the larger patterns, it may be a good idea to opt for slightly larger flaps and buttons in order to keep a look proportional. However, this is something you will probably only get if you visit a bespoke tailor.

You can wear single-breasted suits as well as double breasted suits and trousers without cuffs. If you think that heavy men should never wear cuffs it’s not true, though some exceptions can go right in case of big suits.

Last minute Tips For wearing Big Suits

  •  Give lot of attention to the fit of the suit and don’t buy the readymade ones.
  • Choose single breasted suits instead of double breasted suits
  • Wear trousers and skip the belt
  • Go with pleats and decide not to wear cuffs
  • Wear solid colors but keep your patterns subtle
  • Wear a vest
  • Wear medium sized tie knots and skip cutaway shirts to look best in big suits

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