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How to Find Quality Suits

Quality Mens Suit

Summary: To find the best quality suits you have to understand the fiber and the fabric of the cloth. It is mainly made of wool. You may be wondering what kind of wool you need to make a good quality suit? Your good three-season wool suit comes in several levels of fabric quality, called super 100s, super 120s, and super 150s. As you might imagine, higher quality means higher price.  The super 150s are of really high quality, with a tight weave that gives you a luxury hand but also drapes well. It doesn't wrinkle, and when it does, the wrinkles quickly fall out. 

If you want to buy a good quality suit then choose super 100s or above. But that does not mean you can’t wear any other fabric, for winter wearing you have many options from flannel especially in chalk stripes, tight tweeds and even you are choose corduroy for quality suits.

A solid suit is the most versatile suit. But it can also be solidly boring. Enter patterns, which can look sharp-as long as you don't get carried away. Keep them restrained, like a glen plaid, which is so fine it's almost neutral.  You can also get a pinstripe with a little color to it-blue or soft lavender. Those colors go with many shirts and ties, so you can wear the suit often without others realizing it.

Between the outer fabric of your suit and its Bamberg lining is a piece of canvas. It's what gives your coat its shape. It's what makes you look more buff than you would without it. Sometimes this canvas is fused to the outer fabric. Sometimes it's stitched. The former is little cheaper but still can be consider as a good quality suits.  You can’t wear it for long because soon blisters as the glue (the less-kind name for fusing) starts to come unglued-something that'll happen in the normal course of wearing and dry cleaning. The latter lands you in a pricier neighborhood (we're talking multiple thousands), because stitching the canvas can only be done by hand.

If you want to look for a semi sewed canvas, in which there's fusing where there's not much garment movement and hand sewing at the pressure points. You won't see puckering. And there will be more expression to the suit-it'll retain its shape, and when you stand you'll have a nice, clean front.  

 From other fabric than wool especially on a hot summer day or any night, nothing is quite as cool and elegant in masculine fashion as men's silk attire. This ancient fabric is still the height of glamour for men.

Silk is something of a miracle fabric. When it is pure and organic, its soft fibers breathe and adapt to the climate so naturally that it both keeps you cool in summer and, conversely, warm in winter. Silks can also come in a variety of weights, so that wealthy men in centuries past wore heavy, often embroidered, silks in cool weather and lighter weight, but still elaborate, silks in warmer weather and it is consider as real good quality suits for men.

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