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Look of Suit Mens

Summary: Wearing your new suit mens should make you feel like most wanted man and you feel like the king of the world.

All depends upon the quality of the suit that dominates your look and style. If the quality is not up to the mark, you will not feel good. Spending money on a suit would simply not worth if you could not choose the right quality product for you.

Here are 5 tips that will describe the 5 criteria of choosing the right good quality of suit and you feel proud of your possession.

1 - The Fit

The first criteria of a dress are the fit. The fit of the suit is the decisive factor of buying the suit. The main problem of these standard sizing suits are they only concentrate on the chest size only and the suit jacket length and they consider those as the ideal fit. But this is not true; the ideal fit of the suit jacket will have a perfect chest fit, length and perfect sleeves. Also very important part of a well fit of a suit mens is the fitting of the trouser.

2 - The Fabric

The fabric of the wool you should consider after the fitting. Pure wool quality will be best. Australian and New Zealand produce very fine quality of wool and wool from these countries are very popular and consistence. It gives a natural look and its durability is very high. They can also wear in summer season as they are quite lightweight. Always give the suits for dry cleaning.

3 - The Lining

The Inner Lining holds the suit therefore never ever neglect the inner lining that is being given to the man suit. Do not choose for non-natural polyester as they are very much suffocating and uncomfortable. Select rayon and if you are in position to invest little more then ask for cupra. Silk though expensive is useless as it can often tear or snag. If you want to go for a fashionable look you can wear blended wool. The most fine quality wool like 150s and above are ideal for business suits, wedding suits, and tuxedos.

4 - The Stitching

Suit mens looks best when it is completely hand stitched. As these will ensure that your suit will be constructed with a web of stitches that will give a curvature into the chest but a machine stitched suit would hang flat. Before you give order to the tailor check out his stitching abilities and the select the tailor of your choice. Remember hand stitching suits will cost more.

5 - The Construction

The Construction of your suit should be “Half Canvassed” or “Fully canvassed,” suits should be the ideal construction of a man suit. One main difference between best and worst quality suit jackets is their construction. The best suit will surely have the best construction. Every human is of different size and shape so as you, so you have to get attire that will match up to your shape, size, and features. Just few inches and you can get that perfect look in suit mens.

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