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Plaid Suit

Once relegated to 1970s joke, the plaid suit is back and updated for a great modern look. Variations of the plaid suit work for different occasions. A more sophisticated subtle pattern is preferable for the office, work related functions and some social events. Save the bold patterns and trendy styles for social events and parties that are not formal or work related. The rule of thumb would be similar to selecting fashion suits over classic styles.

At Men's USA, we offer a variety of plaid suit options. The most popular plaid suit patterns everything from simple, classic window pane patterns to bolder, more intricate patterns. Again, the event or occasion dictates much of your choice, with subtle patterns being a better choice for work related functions.

The other thing to consider when selecting a plaid suit is your personality. Some men are more conservative in their style of dress and would not be comfortable in a bold plaid suit. Other men love to stand out and routinely make bold statements in their wardrobe choices. You need to feel comfortable and enjoy wearing the suit, regardless of the style.

Browse our wide selection of plaid suit styles to find something that will fit both the occasion and your personal sense of style. Our plaid suits are made using fabrics and construction methods that are similar to the biggest designers, at a much lower price. Your tailor can verify the quality of our suits. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you shop with us and your personal and credit card information is protected with SSL encryption.

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