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Add a touch of elegance to your style by wearing shiny suits

1920s Tuxedo Style

Summary: If you want to look different from others then you can wear nicely tailored shiny suits. It can bring a smart and graceful look to the wearer.

These days, the woolen fabric shiny suits are in much demand. More and more men are looking for this type of attire because of its elegant and smart look. This type of attire can make one look classy and trendy. No matter which design or color you choose for attire it is best to opt for pick stitched lapels.

 Pick stitching is generally used on the suits. It is a kind of outer threading, which is used for outlining specific areas on the slacks and suits. This stitching is visible and is mainly done on the vertical seam in the back. This type of stitching brings a hand finished tailored look to the attire but in most cases he stitching is done by hand. It doesn’t matter whether the shiny suit has hand stitched lapel or machine stitched. More stitching on the lapels gives a better look the apparel. You may not find noticeable stitched lapels on every dress. It is best to opt for visible pick stitched lapel. It can add a touch of elegance to your outfit.

Woolen fabric shiny suits are mainly chosen because of the durable and elastic nature of the wool.  Unlike cotton, silk and rayon, wool is more durable in nature. It is ideal for fabricating shirts, overcoats, jackets, blazers and coats. There are some reputed companies that are engaged in manufacturing and supplying this type of clothing in different styles and designs.

This type of clothing is very smooth in texture and at the same time it is light weight. Thus, one will get extreme comfort while wearing this type of attire. This apparel can make you look stunning if you are able to make the pairing of this apparel with other attire and accessories perfectly. There are some men who fail to do the correct matching of the clothes and accessories.

It is best to opt for full sleeve shirt rather than wearing short sleeve shirt under your shiny suit. This can bring a sleek look to the wearer. Another important factor that needs attention is the shoes. One must wear finely polished clean shoes. The shoes must be in proper condition. Men always prefer wearing lace up shoes because it brings formal, sophisticated and trendy look to the wearer. The trouser of the suit must be properly tailored so that it covers the socks perfectly. No matter what type of shoes and socks you wear, your attire must match with these accessories. Moreover, your trousers must have peats and cuffs. It is best to avoid belts. But if you wear belt, then it should be matched with the shoes.

Another factor that needs attention is the tie. Get a tie that perfectly matches with your shiny suits. The tie should neither be too long nor too short. It should reach the belt line. So, these are the common factors that one must keep in mind while dressing up for a party. This type of attire can be worn on various occasions like any business meeting or some other party. To look formal, it is best to opt for double breasted attire with four buttons. This can bring a polished and elegant look to the wearer.

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