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Charcoal pinstripe suits

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Charcoal Pinstripe SuitHaving become a popular item of male fashion during the late 1940's pinstripe suits have sustained to be exceptionally fashionable and keep up a timeless look that will persist to be worn for generations to come.

Pinstripe suits add a new dimension to outfits that plain colored suits do not have. If you have just started to build up a wardrobe then charcoal pinstripe suits can be a great start. They are the most versatile suit a man can be in possession of, aside from a plain charcoal suit.

Gone are the days were pinstripe suits considered as an olden day fashion. Considered as one of the stand out attire especially in an office, it is quite easy to blend in with all types of matching colors.

Having said that, there are several advantages in wearing a pinstripe suit for the reason that it helps elongate the body, creating the effect of tallness, helping short, stocky men seem taller and slimmer. With a perfectly tailored charcoal pinstripe suit you can handle with a lot of important occasions, and it is sure to give you an authoritative, refined and professional image.

Known for its globally sourced goods, we at Mensusa offer a wide range of suits that are matchless to others. The professional cut being the most highlighted difference, our charcoal pinstripe suits gives the wearer a sophisticated work option that is perfect, powerful and professional.

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