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Red Cummerbund: A Guide To Know Cummerbund The Best

Putting together the formal attire for a wedding or some special occasions bring up a very common question when the outfit is a tuxedo. Should cummerbund be added with the tuxedo? Or, if there is something else to add with the tux? If it added what would be the best color? The quick answer is, it depends on what you want and wish to wear. Red and black are the colors that makes a male appear classic when it is all about the fashionable accessory and fashion.

For the formal function, there is always a need to come in cummerbund with the tuxedo. But do you really know what would be the best color from cummerbunds to add? The answer to this question is, whatever suits with the dress are the best. With black red cummerbund needs to be added. But before you add the red color, you must know about cummerbund, its reason to wear, way to wear, its existence and a lot more. Having the complete information is sure to bring and fill confidence with the outfit.

What is Cummerbund?

Cummerbund definition defines, they are the broad waist sash usually pleaded with the tuxedo. Tuxedo cummerbund makes a man look sharp in an accurate shape. It is also a formal accessory that fashionable men love to wear with the tuxedo. A lot of men are yet not aware of what is this and what impact it leaves with a person personality.

The Role Of Cummerbund

The cummerbund is more than an accessory to fashion. Though it is used to covers extras around the waist, it creates an amazing and attractive middle-section. If you are someone who has the desire to wear crumb-free pants and a sleek waist, mens cummerbund set in red would be a nice addition with a tuxedo in black.

Why Wear Cummerbund?

Once you are aware of the role to wear a cummerbund, manually you will come to know to wear cummerbund or not? They rarely come into the picture. But at the formal affairs, it can be seen. There are many reasons which validate cummerbunds to be worn. Here are the following reasons that are valid and will help you understand the need to wear it.
By covering the waist, tuxedo waistband completes the dress. Moreover, it creates an attractive shape and brings a nice gesture.
No untidy cloth can be seen around the waist area.
Legs get lengthened and suppressed and shoulders get emphasized.
When the color is priorly decided and it is red which is to be worn with a tuxedo you must add a nice black cummerbund tux.
Cummerbund and suspenders any or both can be an addition that too according to the need.

The Origin and Its Existence
During the early18th century, cummerbund was seen. It used to be the historical time for stylish inventions, fashion and more. Classy appealing waistcoats were worn with the addition of the accessory. In the modern times, fashionable men pull it over tuxedos mostly during the black-tie function or other formal affairs. Red was the classic contrast for all the time and a man must make an addition of red cummerbund that posses a magnificent debut.

How to Wear?

For the query, how to wear a cummerbund, here is the best answer.

To wear a red silk cummerbund here is the step to be followed:
Wear cummerbund and bow tie together.
Wear it with pleats facing upward. Downward facing will be an incorrect way to wear.
Wear the trousers around the level of naval and half of the red cummerbund should cover the shirt.

Since, cumberbun is the waist covering, so you need to make a classic appearance by wearing right size tuxedo and then adding the accessory appropriately.


The more you get to know about its benefit, the more you will desire to wear it. Here is the list which of benefits you are sure to experience after wearing:

Slim: When worn in a right and perfect way, it makes you look slimmer. Once the waist seems to be perfect entire other parts also look to be toned.
Holders: For the event and function an individual hardly carries anything. So cummerbund around the waist sometimes plays the role of a holder and it helps in holding any necessary thing.
There are more other which you will get to learn once you wear.

Vest Vs Cummerbund

Many would argue that what is the best; cummerbund vs vest. But it is said that whatever a cummerbund does, a vest can do it as well. It can cover the waist and hide the bunched shirt fabric just like the vest. Any of these can be worn accordingly. But this can also not be denied that both these are two different things brought for different purposes.

When black and white tuxedo or suit is final to wear, cummerbund and bow tie should be combined well. Matching the red cummerbund with red bow tie will just be a far better selection that makes a man look classic.

The red cummerbund is made of thread to give a nice look. Its construction and the shape are amazing and getting the formal as well as informal appearance will be effortless when tuxedo cummerbund is worn. Adding a nicely constructed one helps in bringing a great appearance. Getting an appealing presence would be simple and precise hence. Hopefully fog around about the accessory and dress you are owning would be cleared.

Wearing a tuxedo is truly common these days. But wearing it properly with an addition of cummerbund is the way to bring awesomeness. To shop the best and most exclusive piece to wear at the black-tie function, browsing MensUSA will favor in a splendid way. Not just the tuxedo suit with cummerbund can be paired to look great. And hence making a mark with perfection via each angle will be simpler. Check for a red cummerbund set to pair it with shoe and tux or suit.

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