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Mens navy blue shoes

Dress shoes have always been tricky to wear or purchase as getting them right is an art that many take time to master. There is a knack for wearing the perfect dress shoes for the correct occasion and with the right outfit. The usual "safe" colors of dress shoes include black and brown as they are extremely neutral and can go with almost all kinds of suits and trouser pants. When it comes to navy blue, it's not really an easy option as pairing them with the right outfit can turn out to be tricky and tough. There are a lot of ways that you could go wrong in and there is just too much of risk factor involved. Therefore, navy blue can honestly never be deemed as a safe color and you need to be cautious while experimenting with it. Make sure to start off with an easy outfit and check the response to that look. Keep building your experimental level gradually until you are sure of yourself to pull it off really well. The trick is to follow the strict rules of color combinations and texture combinations. That alone can ensure that you look dapper and highly fashion forward instead of looking odd or sloppy. Make sure that your navy blue shoes are worn only if absolutely necessary and not on very formal occasions like weddings, black tie events or formal parties. The color just doesn't go on such occasions and wearing them on those events will definitely make people's heads turn for the wrong reasons. Therefore be extremely wary of the occasion and the color combination so that you don't end up looking too flashy than you should.

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Dress shoes can actually be any of the following: Laced Oxfords, Bluchers, and Bucks, Chelsea boots, Classic boots, Chukkas, Wingtips, Dress boots, Classic Loafers, Penny Loafers, Tassel Loafers, Monk straps, Derbies, Moccasins and Cap toes. But the most common types include the Oxfords, Monk Straps, Brogues, Wingtips and Derbies.

1) Oxfords: They are the most classic cum formal shoes there is. They are low heeled shoes which have a slim structure and a closed lacing system and which exposes the ankles. They may or may not have perforations on them and they must be worn with socks.

2) Derbies: These shoes are lesser formal than Oxfords but more formal than Monk straps. They are characterized open lacing system which has quarters with shoelace eyelets that are sewn on top of the vamp. This lacing method contrasts with that of the Oxfords.

3) Monk Straps: They are shoes which fasten near the ankle with straps or buckles instead of having laces. Their formality lies in between the Oxfords and the Derbies and these Monk straps are regarded as very comfortable, durable and protecting.

4) Brogues: Brogues aren't a separate type of shoes but they are actually referred to the perforations or the "broguing" that are present on the shoes earning the name. Brogues can be Oxfords or Derbies in style except for the Longwing brogues which are only Derby styled.


The most basic rule is that the colors of grey, black, brown and white go well with blue dress shoes as they are neutral and can hence accommodate the flashiness of the blue shoes.

If you opt to wear flashy colorful suits for occasions which are not so formal like red, turquoise blue, raspberry pink or some other tacky ones, then blue dress shoes can be paired with them easily as long as the colors don't clash and your ensemble doesn't look to gaudy.

Always choose to wear dress socks instead of going sockless. That helps keep the shoes in a good condition and also makes you look very neat and elegant in appearance as opposed to sloppy and undressed.

Dress socks are usually made from silk, cashmere or fine variants of cotton and wool. They differ from the regular socks which are usually made of cotton, nylon or wool. They need to be majestic enough to go with the dress shoes.

The color of socks that you wear should never be flashier than the shoes themselves if you want your shoes to remain the center of focus. Therefore maintain the neutrality in your socks.

Ensure that the socks and the pants aren't of the same shades as that can look very mismatched and odd. If you wear black pants, don't make the socks to be black also. Same goes for all the colors. Show some variation in the shades that people notice your socks individually and not as an extended part of your pants.

The safest color for pants has to be grey while wearing blue dress shoes. Grey can easily look well with blue. Black and white colored pants are bolder options and they need to be carefully considered. They aren't what you want if you want to keep it subtle and gentle as they do tend to be flashy with blue shoes.

The bolder colors of pants are another option and they can never fit into the conservative and traditional settings but they do look good at fancy parties, flashy night outs and so on.

Brown pants can work well with blue shoes too as brown is also a neutral color. Casual brown suits and tweed suits can be worn with these shoes.

Polish and Shine your shoes regularly to maintain a sleek, expensive look in addition to increasing the life span of the shoes.

Use wax based shoe polishes as they create a thin protective layer than can provide light resistance to water and salt.

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