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A Few Varieties of Men's Shoes

Purple ShoesApart from the standard pair of dress shoes, it is preferable that every man keeps certain fancy shoes in his wardrobe for wearing when attending to less serious functions.

For instance men's pink dress shoes are ideal for wearing during family picnics, weddings, birthday bash and other colorful events. Pink is a radiant color that spreads cheer. Pink dress shoes are essentially lace-up men's shoes that do not rise above the wearer's ankle. Of course, within dress shoe category, there are many varieties - both in structure and style.

The wingtip is indeed the most common of all men's dress shoes. This shoe features toe brogueing that resembles a bird with its wings spread. If you are buying men's pink dress shoes, you can be a little frivolous and opt for wingtip pink dress shoes.

Spectator shoes are quite appealing and as the name suggests, these pairs of shoes will grab the attention of spectators. You can search online for variety of spectator shoes and you will come across some well known brands.

To those less familiar, the Spectator shoe (called Co-respondent shoe in Europe) is a style of low-heeled, oxford, semi-brogue or full brogue constructed with two strikingly contrast colors. The toe and heel cap and the lace panels are often in a darker shade than the rest of the shoe. The spectator is an all leather shoe - though at times they are constructed using a canvas, mesh or suede body.

While talking of men's size 14 shoes, you must know that shoe size is an alphanumerical indication of the fit size of a shoe. The shoe size is a number indicating the length of the shoes because many shoemakers only provide a standard width for all shoes. Men's size 14 shoes are large size shoes understandably intended for big made men.

For knowing your exact shoe size, footwear experts suggest that you measure your feet late in the day. Your feet tend to expand at this time and as such you can get an exact measurement this way.

Large sized shoes like mens size 14 shoes are scarce and quite hard to find retail shoe stores. Most retail shoe stores invariably carry shoes up to size 12 or at best size 13 and not size 14. The ideal way to buy mens size 14 shoes is to order online as physically going around shops for mens size 14 shoes can be very frustrating.

Pink ShoesFun lovers and men who are fond of dressing bold often opt for bright color shoes like men's pink shoes, hot pink men's shoes, and men's purple shoes etc. When you are attending picnics, sports meets, fun parties and less serious events, it is a great opportunity for wearing bright color dress and a pair of bright color shoes to go with it.

Of course bright color shoes like men's pink shoes, hot pink men's shoes, and men's purple shoes need not necessarily be worn with bright color clothing. If you feel you may appear far too childish wearing bright color dress along with bright color shoes, you can opt to wear men's pink shoes, hot pink men's shoes or men's purple shoes with other subdued color dresses. This, in fact will provide a striking contrast and make your color shoes even more noticeable. The remarkable thing about a pair of shoes in radiant colors is that they add so much life to an otherwise sedate men's outfit.

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