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Buy Gloves Cold hands, warm heart is a sweet aphorism. But see how far it gets you when you’re out of firewood. When Jack-frostbite is nipping at your nose, it’s time to accept that some accessories, like gloves, are not optional. No glove will fit you better and look more rakishly sexy than unlined leather. Though you can probably pick up quarters with ease, you may need those coins to buy a hot cup of coffee because unlined gloves are not very warm. Cashmere and wool-lined gloves are, and since the price isn’t much different for the softer, lighter, higher-priced thread, go cashmere. Double-lined gloves--leather on the outside, a wool liner on the inside--are bulkier but warmer still, because they are more like two gloves in one. Wool gloves offer variety, weightlessness, and--essential for those who keep losing the left ones--economy. Scientists, however, claim the most efficient hand covers are mittens. Yeah, well they would. Meanwhile, try reading a paper, finding a token, dialing a cell phone, or navigating anything with an air bag, and you’ll soon feel as uncomfortable as a couch potato running hurdles with ankle weights. Suede gloves are splendid, especially for the man who can’t find enough things for his valet to do. Be exacting about fit--if you’re buying a catcher’s mitt for the Little League father and son game. You don’t need that extra space at the end of the fingers unless you’re expecting sudden surges of growth. So how are gloves supposed to fit? Take a guess.
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