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Articles >>Tips for selecting right fragrance for natural body aroma

Select The Right Fragrance You smell. How is up to you. Know your scent. No, not the perfume that unlocks the real you. We're talking about your body's natural aroma. And we don't mean after two hours of one-on-one or three days on the lake fishing. Even after a shower, everyone has a natural smell within half an hour. A combination of genetics and diet, it is an essential element to factor in when researching a cologne. Because of this, you must try on a scent yourself to know how your body chemistry will react with it. Thanks to sampling, about one third of the scents at a fragrance counter are in the air around it at that time. When you spray yourself with a possible scent (on your wrist and not a lot), one spritz from a distance of six inches is plenty. Then step away from the counter, outside if you can. Wait five minutes. (Sorry if you're in a rush. Seduction is art, in case you'd forgotten, and art takes time.) If it's not the one. Try using the other wrist with another scent. Still no luck? You have two more tries, on your forearms, and then you will start smelling like the air around a fragrance counter. It is not necessary to limit yourself to one cologne. Why not cultivate a "wardrobe" of fragrances? Lighter ones for work and outdoors, muskier ones for evenings or for different moods. (Provided you are in touch with these moods.) YOU SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SMELL YOUR OWN COLOGNE. Others are supposed to pick up on it. Four drops on your pulse points is plenty. Even better, spray it in the air in front of you, then walk through it. Never slap it on like aftershave. You are liable to make others dizzy and they won't think it's being caused by your charm. Check your shampoo, soap, shaving balm, deodorant, etc. for scents too. If any have distinctive ones, you need to factor that into your selection. One may turn out to be a saboteur. You may want to switch to an unscented product. We're not talking magic potions here. Just water, oil, extracts. Cologne can help attract. You will have to take it from there.
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