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It's a skill, not an art, but one as necessary as eating right and exercising if you want to look good and make a strong, positive impression. A pair of polished shoes not only completes an outfit, it says that the man who is sporting them pays attention to details. And we all know how many things lie in the details. Smooth Leather Shoes You'll need: Shoe polish for each shoe color Mini brush for each shoe color Rags for each shoe color Polish brush for each shoe color **The Men's Wearhouse sells a complete shoe care kit including brushes, rags, and polish for brown, black, and burgundy. Place shoes on a sheet of newspaper. Brush off surface dirt with a paper towel or a dry rag. Remove any stains with leather conditioning lotion (also available at The Men's Wearhouse). Designate one mini brush and one rag for each color. Apply a thin layer of either polish, depending on the shoe color, with one of the mini brushes. Use circular strokes, rubbing in the polish as you go. Do not let the polish clump or build up at the sole of the shoe. Wipe off any excess. Using the polish brush to brush the shoe with long strokes, until the shoe has a matte finish. Buff the shoe with a rag to bring it to a smooth shine. Between polishes, you can re-buff with the same cloth. If possible, have a shoeshine guy professionally polish your shoes about once a month. Our instructions are good, but only practice makes an expert. After all, you may know how to ride a bike, but you didn't enter the Tour de France. Patent Leather/Tuxedo Shoe Polishing patent leather is so much easier it's really not fair. The steps: Wipe shoes clean with a soft cloth. You're done. This is usually all you need to do on true patent leather. Almost makes you wish you could wear patent leather every day. Almost.
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