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Camel Hair Fabric woven from the hair harvested by combing the underbelly of the Bactrian camel of Asia. Camel hair is noted for its soft hand and excellent warmth for its weight. Camp Shirt A casual shirt with loose, elbow-length sleeves. Usually made of silk, rayon or linen, camp shirts are best worn with slacks, khakis or shorts. Cashmere Fine wool produced by the Cashmere goat, which is raised in the Kashmir region of India and Pakistan. Cashmere provides excellent drape and a soft luxurious hand. Clear Finish Clear finish fabric is sheared closely so the fuzzy or hairy surface has been all but removed. Collar Stays Thin pieces of plastic that fit in slots underneath the collar to give it shape and structure. On your next visit to The Men's Wearhouse, just ask and they will provide you with complementary collar stays. Convertible Cuffs Cuffs that can be buttoned or worn with cuff links. Cotton Fabric woven from vegetable seed fiber of the cotton plant. Cotton is the most widely used fiber in the world because it is versatile and provides good comfort in apparel items. Covert A medium-weight suiting or topcoat fabric with a diagonal twill. Wool coverts are made with a dark and a light yarn, woven closely for a mixture effect. Cravat French word for "tie." Used commonly as a general term for neckwear Crepe A weave producing a rough, pebbly effect due to an irregular order of the yarns. This weave is free from lines found in ribs and twills. Crew Neck A collar-less pullover shirt. Cuff A fold sewn into the hem of the pant leg. When having pleated pants tailored, you will have the option of a straight hem or a cuff. A cuff is usually considered dressier than a straight hem. The appropriate size of the cuff changes over time, but commonly falls between 1.25 and 2 inches. Cutaway A single-breasted formal coat with peaked lapels. The back tail extends and tapers at the knee. Cutaway Jackets A single-breasted formal coat with peaked lapels. The back tail extends and tapers at the knee. Egyptian Cotton A general classification for strong, lustrous, long-staple cotton produced largely in the Nile River valley. Egypt is the world's largest producer of better-quality cotton. End-on-end Fabric that contains alternating horizontal yarns in two colors. Envelope The visible surface of a tie; contains a wool inner lining. Executive Cut A cut of clothing designed specifically for men who require more fabric around their waistline. Jackets have larger front panels and slacks have larger waist sizes than do those of traditional tailored clothing sizes. Flannel A medium- to heavyweight fabric with a slightly napped surface, created by applying friction during the finishing process. Primarily used during the fall season, flannel provides good insulation and warmth. Flap Pocket A pocket with a piece of fabric that extends from the top edge of the pocket over the pocket opening. Most commonly used in a convertible flap, a pocket where the flap can be tucked into the pocket opening. Flat Front A type of trousers without pleats, currently found in more fashion-forward suits. This newer, pleatless style does not sacrifice comfort or flexibility. Forward Pleat A pleat on a pant where the fabric is folded outside. Four-in-hand A popular method of tie tying that creates a simple straight knot. French Cuffs A formal style of cuff that folds back away from the wrist. French cuffs are worn with cuff links only.
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