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Articles >> How to Dress for a Broadway Show ?

You've made it to the Big Apple and secured tickets to the latest Broadway sensation. Now you're wondering what to wear. The following guidelines will help you choose the perfect outfit for your night on the town. Steps: 1. Consider that on the whole New York is a very dressy city. The capital of American fashion revels in designers' latest and greatest creations. 2. Choose a dressy, but not formal, outfit in which you feel comfortable and confident. Although the attire of the audience may range from the occasional tuxedo to jeans and T-shirts, most attendees will go dressy casual. 3. Keep your suit on, men, if you plan to head to the theater straight from a business meeting. Otherwise, slip on slacks and pair with a lightweight sweater, sport coat and polished leather shoes. 4. If you're a woman, go from business day to dazzling evening attire by swapping your blouse for a sequin or satin shell. If you spent the day sight-seeing, change into a classic knit sheath dress or a skirt with a silk twinset. Pair with sling-back pumps. 5. Keep the clothing lightweight in the summer, as it stays hot and humid well into the evening. Men might consider dress slacks with a linen shirt and leather belt. Women will impress in a classic sundress and strappy sandals. Tips: By all means, go black tie if you're holding tickets to opening night. This is a BIG deal and calls for tuxedos and evening gowns.
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