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Articles >>Italian Suits vs. American Suits

An Italian Suit Has a Different Cut than an American Suit DeCalo Fashion Private Label: Italian Suits for the American Build The average American man has a build that is different than the average European man in the most important areas: shoulders, girth, and bottom. That's why European dress suits often do not quite fit the American male. It is also the reason DeCalo Fashion tailors quality private label Italian suits with an American cut. Read on to learn how the differences between the American and European body types affect the way an Italian suit fits. Shoulders: The shoulders of Americans tend to be broader than those of Europeans in proportion to the waist. This is why the average American man can have trouble fitting within the jacket of the average sized Italian suit, even when the waist is the correct size. Girth: A large "beer belly" is all too common for Americans, much more so than for European men. American men can have difficulty finding correctly sized Italian suits from other designers: even if the jacket fits, the trousers can be too small. Bottom: In the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Americans complained that the stadium seats were too small. There was good reason: American bottoms are larger than Asians and Europeans. In the last sixty years, the size has increased by two inches. Consequently, Italian cut trousers from other suppliers can be too tight for American men. If you have a slender or lanky build, you should consider one of our name brand Italian suits made with Europeans in mind. If you have a larger build, you will be interested in DeCalo Fashion's private label Italian suits tailored to American sizes in Italy from high-grade Italian fabrics. Thanks to DeCalo Fashion, you can afford the highest quality Italian dress suit without sacrificing a great fit. Got it? If you have an Italian suit or men's fashion question you'd like answered, contact us to have it added to our Ask the Expert section.
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