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Tuxedo means.

  1. A man's dress jacket, usually black with satin or grosgrain lapels, worn for formal or semiformal occasions. Also called dinner jacket .

  2. A complete outfit including this jacket, trousers usually with a silken stripe down the side, a bow tie, and often a cummerbund.

       Biography of  "Tuxedo"

     The Lore, The Lure, The Legend

All variety of fact and fiction surrounds the origin of "Tuxedo" and the elegant garment that bears its name.

It is said, for example, that the custom of the Algonquins was to name a place after the chief whose tribe occupied it, and that there was sachum named P'tauk-Seet, "the bear," who, in the Seventeenth Century, ruled over a tract of land including what is now known as Tuxedo Combining P'tauk-Seet-tough, "The Home of the Bear."

Another version holds that the Indians called this area of lakes and hills, P'tauk/Sepo, or so it was translated phonetically by the Dutch in their initial land grants. Since the Indians had no written language, these are the best records available.


It written records dating back to 1754, these are references to Tuxedo Pond and later on, Tuxcito Pond, Tuxetough, Tucksito, Tugseto, Tucsedo, Tuxedo, TUx, Texedo and Toxedo.

The Marquis de Chastellux, in 1780, writes it as Duck Sider and Duck Seeder. And in histories of the area dated 1857 and 1875, the name is corrupted to Duck Cedar with the explanation that the region is overgrown with cedar trees and is a favorite haunt of wild ducks.


The Lorillard family began acquiring land in the Tuxedo area in 1800's and by 1852, had come into possession of most of what had been known as the Cheescock Patent. They turned it into an elite hunting and fishing resort - a millionaire's haven. With a labor force largely imported from Italy by Pierre Lorillard, they constructed a series of homes within the walled park in a matter of several months that stand today as a testament to the skill of the artisans. It was Tuxedo Park - High Society forty miles to the northwest of New York City.


As the gilt-edged society of Tuxedo Park developed its own social schedule, some new names began to appear. For example, there was lames Brown Potter, one of the founders of Tuxedo Park, who was elected to membership in the Tuxedo Club at the organizational meeting held at Delmonicos, in New York City in November 1885. According to the archives, Mr. Potter was introduced to the idea of the Dinner Jacket by the Prince of Wales, who later became Edward VII.


The first Autumn Ball, held at the Tuxedo Club in October 1886, is marked as the official first appearance of the Dinner Jacket. Then, it is said Griswold Lorillard and his friends started the people attending the Ball by wearing a scarlet satin lapelled Dinner Jacket - tail-less, while all others were attired in the traditional white-tie and tails. And thus was born the elegant garment forevermore to be know as the "Tuxedo" - adapted by people rich and poor as the symbol of celebration. Good Times and Special Occasions; designated by the motion picture industry as its symbol for high society, class and elegance, and even a symbol of hope for better days during the Depression Days of the Thirties; defined by the tastemakers and standard bearers as the appropriate garb for those events in an individual's life when only a tradition of elegance will do.

What is a Tuxedo ?


 "Tuxedo" may be used to describe a type of semi-formal dress also known as black tie, or more specifically, the jacket worn with black tie attire. In some parts of the world a tuxedo is known as a dinner jacket.

There is no strict convention governing what precisely comprises a tuxedo, given the relatively informal nature of it as a dress code. Most commonly a tuxedo is made up of a black coat with lapels, black pants, a black bow tie, black socks, black shoes, a black cummerbund, and a white shirt. In some parts of the world it is acceptable to wear a white coat usually in hot climates, or during the warmer seasons of the year.

Novelty tuxedos are available in a wide range of colors, most popularly pink and baby blue, but these should not be considered appropriate for a semi-formal occasion. Many people wear adornments with their tuxedos, such as fancy cufflinks or handkerchiefs in the breast pocket, and in most circles this is considered perfectly acceptable.

While the breast shirt of a tuxedo is normally a pure white, some care should be taken to compliment the color of the date's dress. This is considered particularly important in weddings, groom, when an inappropriately white shirt can cast the wrong hue on the bride's dress. In this instance it is acceptable to choose an off-white shirt similar to that of the partner's dress. Tuxedos are available for sale, buy of tuxedo, discount tux, cheap tuxedos, wool tuxedo, rental tux, fashion tuxedo also in Los Angeles, USA.

Good tuxedos are made of wool, while polyester or wool-polyester blends are generally considered sub-par. Thread count varies from worsted wool at 60-75 threads per inch, all the way up to 120 threads per inch, by fine names such as Lubiam and Andrew Fezza. The number of buttons on the tuxedo is a matter of personal preference; many people consider more buttons to appear more fashionable, but a single or dual buttoned jacket is much more traditional in appearance.

While many people consider tuxedos to be formal attire, it is important to note that they are in fact a semi-formal alternative to the more proper white tie dress. White tie includes a black full coat with tails (as opposed to a short coat), black braided pants, black socks and shoes, a black top hat, a white bowtie, a white cummerbund, a white shirt and collar, both stiffened, and an overcoat. Tuxedos were adopted primarily as a relief from the high-maintenance required for white tie attire, particularly the starching of the undershirt. In addition to the handkerchief and cufflinks often seen with tuxedos, white tie may also include a cane and white dress gloves.

As traditions in the West evolve, the prevalence of white tie events is rapidly giving way to events in which a tuxedo is the preferred form of dress. Only a few events at the highest strata of society require anything more than a tuxedo, which is easily rented at a local shop.

     How To Choose A Tuxedo


This area will give you some idea on how to decide on what style to go with and what styles are "in" and what styles are more traditional. We have found a very logical and easy way to look at things when trying to decide on what tuxedo look to go with.

First, what kind of person are you? Are you more trendy in that you wear pretty up- to-date clothing styles and drive up-to-date cars or do you prefer to wear more conservative clothes and drive conservative style cars?

If you are a bride or groom; what kind of wedding do you and your fianceÚ picture having? A real trendy/modern wedding with the latest music and food styles, or a more traditional style wedding?

Twenty or thirty years from now do you want to look at your wedding pictures and have a good laugh at the "outrageous" tuxedo styles that was worn (which can be quite fun!) or do you want to them to have a more timeless look?

The choices are these: Go trendy, go traditional, or somewhere in between. It all depends on what type of person you are and what kind of pictures you want! You'll have to answer that!

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The main choice that drives the whole look is the coat style. The coat is pretty much is the focal point. There are four basic types of coat lapels; notch, peak, shawl and any other type not falling into those three categories.

 If you are going "trendy;" that means a four or five or even six button coat that doesn't show much of the vest when buttoned. The vest would be a wild pattern with a wild color. No black tie, but a button cover. Pants would be quite baggy and the shoes might be a black and white capped toe shoe. 

If you are going "traditional;" that would mean a notch or peak lapel tuxedo coat with a subdued colored vest (or even more traditional white cummerbund). Traditional black bow tie and side stripe pants. The pictures to the left show a traditional notch lapel and a shawl collar.

Of course you can always do something in between. For example, a notch or peak lapel tuxedo coat with a patterned, brighter colored vest would be a fairly traditional look with a trendy flair. For a more trendy look, but not totally, a high buttoned coat with a subdued vest and traditional pants would do.

Once you figure out where you want to be on the trend scale, the rest comes fairly easily. You just have to decide the specific colors of the accessories, for example. Details like matching handkerchiefs can really add a touch of class, too.

So there you have it...not so hard, right?

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