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Cool Tuxedo

When one thinks about a cool tuxedo, naturally the dream of being James bond strikes our mind. Practically, one cannot be like him but by wearing some cool tuxedos hopefully one can get a step closer. These cool tuxedos may not be cheap but they are worth buying for the style and comfort they provide. There are many various brands that manufacture tuxedos but some are widely distributed all over the world due to its popularity. Dolce and Gabbana's tuxedo called as the "Smoking Martini" suit is considered to be one of the coolest tuxedos and its slim fit gives the right amount of modern outfit.

Cool Tuxedo

The Dsquared black silk blend Tuxedo is appropriate for all occasions and its single button closure adds more taste to the art of dressing. Lavin attitude Tux-suit is one of the best suits known for its style and the one wears this suit naturally feels cool and gives a confident attitude. Satin is used on the front buttons, lapels and waistband thus making it a typical formal suit. These are some of the top cool tuxedos which will make one feel top of the world.

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