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Tuxedo Shirt

A tuxedo shirt isn't a one size fits all accessory. There are a few tuxedo shirt options for formal events. Part of the decision on a shirt style will depend on the type of tuxedo and the event where it will be worn. The other consideration is your own personal preference. Tuxedo shirts can be worn with bow ties, silk ties or even without a tie, depending on the style of the shirt. We carry a broad range of shirt styles, so you can find exactly what you want.

Tuxedo shirt designs include pleated and unpleated styles. For pleated styles, you can choose small inch pleats, inch or larger inch pleats. There are numerous color options in tuxedo shirts. While white may still be considered the standard, this is changing. Shirts in pale colors look great with light colored tuxedos.

Pleats and color aren't the only options you have when selecting a tuxedo shirt. There are three collar types that are common in tuxedo shirts. The collar styles include the wing collar; lay down collars and a band collar. The wing collar tux shirt allows more of the tie to be seen beneath the collar. A shirt with a lay down collar shows the knot and the bow of the tie only. A tie is not worn with a band collar shirt.

The type of jacket and even may influence the choice of a tuxedo shirt. For example, a band collar shirt is generally worn with mandarin collar jackets. Pleated tuxedo shirts are considered more formal and are often chosen for formal weddings and proms, but this is not a hard and fast rule. The width of the pleats may be influenced by the occasion, tuxedo style or your personal preference.

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