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During the earlier part of the previously century, the most popular and widely-worn suits were the Zoot suits. Zoot suits were particularly favored by the lower class of Americans, minority communities living in different American cities, people belonging to the youth culture and members of jazz music. Hence it is but natural that people associate Zoot suits with jazz music and the swing culture. The Zoot suit, when it was first introduced, came in colorful fabrics, with a large brimmed hat, flashy tie, pointed shoes, and long watch chain.

What is a Zoot suit? Zoot suit is an oversized suit with wide legs pants giving an overall baggy look. The Zoot Suit thus involves excess use of fabric. The Zoot suit usually comprises of a long jacket with huge shoulder pads. One distinguishing feature of Zoot suits is its style of opulence and eye-catchy ostentation. The Zoot suit is often accompanied by accessories like a long watch across the pants, pointed shoes and a large felt hat with feather.

There are some interesting historical facts about Zoot suits. The practice of wearing Zoot suit became scarce after the suits were banned in the year 1942 as the suits meant wasteful use of fabrics. In 1943, what is known as the Zoot suit riots erupted and the style of the Zoot suit was condemned as being far too destructive. The soldiers in Los Angeles started beating the people who were seen dressed in Zoot suits and the soldiers also started ripping of the suit and burning the clothes publicly in the streets. As a matter of fact the Zoot suits riots had the opposite effect and Zoot suits became suddenly more popular and people recognized Zoot suits as a symbol of cultural pride and a mark of protest against racism.

Having the correct fit in a suit is of paramount importance if you are keen on impressing the peers and other guests. For this purpose, you must get hold of a trustworthy retailer. The Zoot suits must have perfect fit and well-tailored neck, shoulders, sleeves, chest, waist and also inseam. Having worn a Zoot suit, you should be able to relax and feel a sense of comfort while moving around.

It is for this reason that Zoot suits are hignly recommended as appropriate dress for attending social gatheings. If the first impression you want to make on the other guests is very crucial, then the Zoot suit in which you appear should help you create that type of right impression.

It is said that a Zoot suit has power, mystery, sex appeal, and it is considered both formal and informal. Men who are considered fashion-conscious were more likely to wear Zoot suits than men who are interested in presenting a formal classic appearance. Professional men who pride themselves on setting trends and standing out are usually the ones who favor Zoot suits. Due to the extra fabric used to make zoot suits, these suits are seen as luxury items and expected to be worn on important occasions and celebratory events.


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