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  Alligator shoe :: Stepping in style with alligator shoes
Stepping in style with alligator shoes

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Men's alligator shoes, as the very name suggests, are shoes made with alligator hides. The use of Alligator skins to make men's shoes is a widely prevalent practice because of its firmness and durability. Men's alligator shoes are therefore expensive because of the principle of demand and supply. Till a few months back, the Fish and Wildlife Service department in the United States had notified alligators as endangered species. Now, the alligator population is taken off the list of endangered species and shown on the list of creatures that can be hunted with some restrictions.

Informations About Alligator Shoes

Scientific research has shown that alligators have existed on earth sine 20 million years and are very closely related to crocodiles and even to the dinosaurs. This is why there is a striking resemblance and alligators have saw-like teeth and rough skins that are nearly impenetrable. Alligator hides are a great substitute for leather and used not only make men's shoes but also to make belts, belt straps, braces, wallets and other leather goods. In view of the limited availability of alligator skins the shoes are expensive in comparison to other shoes made of common materials like cowhide.

There are quite a few manufacturing companies that produce a fascinating variety of alligator shoes. The vast selection of alligator shoes in the market range from plain, conservative colors to high end fashion styles. Most alligator shoes are made for both style and wearer comfort and feature some of the extraordinary craftsmanship. Alligator shoes can be quite expensive are more meant for aristocratic people. If someone owns even just one pair of alligator shoes, it is like owning a life-time treasure.

Informations About Alligator Skins

Alligator skins are generally six to 12 feet long, while caiman whereas most crocodile skins are only three to five feet long. With smaller donor animals, the transition of scale patterns is evident. Scale patterns tend to correlate to the size of the animal. The hide from a full grown adult alligator may have scales that are over one inch square and tend to be more symmetrical.

Mostly, the skin from the belly and throat areas of an alligator is used because it provides the most symmetrical rectangular scale patterns and also adds to aesthetics. Skin taken from the sides of an alligator will have scale patterns that are more round or oval in shape. Alligator skins are one of the most highly sought raw materials by the manufacturers of luxury leather items.

Here could be some duplicate alligator shoes made from brown caiman, whose skins are much thinner, dryer, stiffer, and much less durable. Up on closer inspection, crocodile or caiman skin will have small pits in the scales and these pits will be conspicuously absent in genuine alligator shoes. Although extremely rare, a very few number of crocodile skins can compare favorably with the quality of alligator hide. When processed and tanned correctly, these very rare and expensive crocodile skins can meet the high quality nature of alligator skin.

But, as a rule, alligator skin is of a far greater quality, with more symmetrical scale patterns, softer skin, and a smoother feel than the skins of other reptiles of its family.


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