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Breaking From The Mould Of 1920s Tuxedo Style

1920s Tuxedo Style
The tuxedo is perhaps the most elegant form of fashion for a man. It can be semi, or full-on formal as with black tie events, and is a favorite way to dress for millions of men worldwide. A traditional tuxedo jacket is woolen and single-breasted. But it is important to break from the mould of the traditional 1920s tuxedo style. We at MensUSA provide all the latest collections when it comes to tuxedo! You can also get traditional kinds of tuxedo from our online store.

The jacket has peaked, shawl, notch, or trick lapels, traditionally covered with satin, and modern styles are trimmed in grosgrain or wool. The 1920s tuxedo style is worn when black tie attire is specified. In recent years, the American tuxedo has distanced itself from the English dinner jacket and other black tie conventions. Various styles of tuxedos exist now, and they're popular among men from all walks of life. The easy-to-make style ensures that a tux will be available for any size, and in any fashion. A man dressing up for formal affairs is nothing new. In fact, the European opera houses of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries wouldn't let a man in unless he was appropriately dressed.

For years the white tie and tails were the traditional style of formal wear as the 1920s tuxedo style, the introduction of the dinner jacket added another practical option form which the well-dressed gentlemen could choose. The original dinner jacket was a hybrid of sorts. There are six different tuxedo lengths that are used today. The first is a Tail Coat, and is the most formal evening design, ending abruptly in the front at waist length, and stretching roughly to the back of the knee in the rear. The second is the Cutaway, the most formal day-design that slowly cuts away from the button, to the back of the knee, taking a slight curve. Third is the Waistcoat, ending its full length at the waist. Fourth is the Dinner Coat, a traditional length that ends at mid thigh. These designs are quite different from the 1920s tuxedo style. Fifth is the Fashion Length, a modern jacket which ends 1-6 inches longer than the dinner coat. The sixth and final style is the 3/4 length, a very modern style, ending just below the knee.

Though the majority of tuxedos are black, you can find various colors of tuxedo fabric, button colors, etc. The more popular way to "customize" a tuxedo is to shop for custom accessories which you can get from our collection at MensUSA. Many colors and styles of undershirts and cufflinks are available. You can also shop a large variety of bow, ties and hats, etc all at reasonably priced rates.

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