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44s Suits-What They Indicate

44s Suits
Suits are the staple clothing for all men around the globe. Suits are worn on various occasions. Whether you are going to office, or to attend a special office meeting, for friends' meet or even a wedding of your relative you need to wear a perfect fitted suit. Even for your own wedding you need to wear the grand designer wedding suit that is exclusively designed for the special day.

And to make each and every suit unique and well fit, craftsmen all over the world work day and night to give you a perfect suit. For all this you need to know the correct size or rather have the accurate measurements of your entire body that includes the chest, shoulders and also the cuffs and the length of the entire attire. 44s Suits is such a measurement that indicates the size of a suit. A double digit number is used to indicate the suit size so that the buyer who knows his measurements can get it instantly. The alphabet that is seen along with the number indicates the length of the coat.

Why the numbers and letters are so important for a correct fit
When you see the double digit number along with an alphabet, you know that it is of that size and come to know about the coat's length also. But do you know that it also indicates the size of the pants also? The letter s expresses that the length of the pants is shorter than the regular ones that are marked with an r. The measurements that 44s Suits tells us are the chest dimension and the length of the trousers. You will be amazed to know that these numbers and letters indicate even the waist size. The expert tailors calculate the waist size from the information stitched on the coats. Most of the ready-made suits are available in various sizes from 40 to 54 mostly. If you do not come under these regular sizes you need to get your suits tailored especially to get the perfect fit. Just as a baggy suit makes one look outsmart and shabby, similarly extra fits do not look good. Your suits must be of the appropriate and accurate size that will express your identity and sophistication.

The letter s is used to help tailors to ascertain the height of the man. Normally a man of 5.5 ft to 5.7 ft needs a 44s Suits size. Other alphabets like R or L are intended for regular and taller men between 5.11 ft to 6.2 ft height. Sometimes the height and length of the suits are of the correct size but the fit is not perfect. In such instances, you need to customize the suit according to the shape of your body. The professional masters are there always to cater to your needs especially at the renowned outlets. So that you can always get exactly what you want.
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