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A Buying Guide For Men's Topcoats
Mensusa A Buying Guide For Men's Topcoats Men's topcoats form a category of stylish piece of clothing that act as a protecting shield for wearers from the hard winter strokes.

men's topcoats Men's topcoats form a category of stylish piece of clothing that act as a protecting shield for wearers from the hard winter strokes. Even though many versatile designs and styles have now boosted the world of men's fashion, the traditional design of these topcoats has remained unaffected. Most men prefer carrying it as an outerwear that can be donned over working uniforms and suits. To be in tune with the latest fashion trends, topcoats have been tweaked with some styles. Today, men have started wearing these topcoats over different attires ranging from a three-piece tux to a casual sweatshirt and rugged jeans. This means that the topcoat has become an essential part of men's wardrobe that not only acts as a protective wear but also beats the contemporary fashion at the same time. Here are few characteristics of a perfect topcoats which will help you in making an impressive choice

The right fabric

Whether the coat is excellent or not depends upon the selection of right fabric. For a topcoat to be durable, the fabric should be 100% wool. Also, a coat to last longer, if it is heavy. Wool is a perfect material as it is both durable and heavy. Another alternative of wool is cashmere which is a warm and delicate fabric. However, its regular use makes it prone to moth and mould build-up which lessens its durability. The best option would be using a blend of wool and cashmere. Similar to suits, topcoats in dark colors like charcoal, navy blue or brown appears as the most classy formal wear that is perfect for all occasions and gatherings.

Perfect measurements

To make the best out of an overcoat, make sure that the length of the outfit complements your height. Conventionally, the coats used to be long reaching whereby its lower strands would touch the ankles of the wearer. However, in contemporary fashion, mostly men prefer knee length coats. In any case, always choose men's coats that perfectly suits your body shape.


Style of the sleeves is an important factor to consider while selecting a perfect overcoat. For overcoats to work as proper protective wear, the sleeves should cover the suit or shirt cuffs in order to protect the wrist from cold. A good overcoat must restrict the body warmth from getting released. To achieve an exact fit, make sure that the initial point of the sleeves is properly attached with the shoulder.

Style and fit

Men's topcoats look best with a sports coat, suit jacket or even over just a simple shirt. Few men prefer wearing a looser fit while some fashion-lovers carry a more trimmer fit. Which specific fit would best suit your personality, completely depends on your body dimensions. Hence, before you purchase an coat, note down your body measurements carefully. Considering style, single breasted topcoats are presently labelled as the latest trend and can be donned on various occasions. A double breasted overcoat offer more effective protections from the cold weather but gives you a formal look.

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