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A Timeless Look: Ralph Lauren Mens Blazers
Mensusa A Timeless Look: Ralph Lauren Mens Blazers In today's time wherein the quotient of your appearance matters for your success, you are not in a position to compromise with your looks. As such, each of your public appearance needs to be made in a style that would uphold your grace and accentuate your personality in the most positive way.

When you hear the words: Ralph Lauren, your mind immediately jumps to a brand that is timeless and casual-formal. From sweaters and polos, to suits and blazers, Ralph Lauren caters to a variety of luxury tastes. It is easy to see why Ralph Lauren has been around, and successful since 1967.

The Polo Ralph Lauren brand may be best known for its luxury men's, women's, and children's clothing. While the company itself has branched out into other markets, the core of the company continues to revolve around the style that Ralph Lauren cultivated. One of the most iconic pieces for the company is the ralph lauren mens blazer that you have surely seen at least a few dozen times. You might think of a navy blazer with pleated tan pants and polo underneath, and you'd be absolutely right. This classic men's style has been around for some time and it still has not fallen by the wayside. One of the best places to find a ralph lauren mens blazers is on Sure you can find a department store with the blazer you want, but wouldn't it be easier to grab the exact one you want off the website? I certainly think it is.

I'll set the scene for you. A close friend of yours has recently gotten engaged and as his best man, you are hard at work planning a kick-ass engagement party. You want to invite all of your co workers from the office and even a few of your bosses as you are sure to land him some brownie points around the office. It is imperative that this party goes off without a hitch, so you work diligently to plan every detail accordingly.

You've chosen to host the engagement party at the country club your friend is a member of. Given that this is a semi-formal event at a venue that generally requires more formal attire, you put together some choices for things to wear. As the best man you will inevitably give a speech about the groom, but you also want to make sure that the event doesn't feel too starched-collar-y. Therefore it becomes important to you to incorporate some light activity into the party with some games like horseshoes and cornhole. That way no one is sitting the entire time, and those folks that would rather not dance have the chance to get out and enjoy the fresh summer air.

In deciding what you want to wear, the games and dancing situation weighs heavily on you. As one of the most prominent members of the party, you need to make sure you're dressed formally enough, while you still want to maintain the casual atmosphere that will allow you to play some horseshoes a little later. Shopping will have to commence.

You embark on the shopping excursion with only the idea that whatever you find, it needs to be formal enough to host the engagement party, yet casual enough that you don't feel too pressured and that you'll have time for some games. One department store after another and most of what you have found is either too formal, or too casual; there hasn't been anything right in the sweet spot between them. Deciding it might be better to find something online, you head back home and fire up the old computer. Hopping onto the mensusa website, you search through the large ralph lauren suits collection. The only thing you need to look for are some nice khaki pants and a dress shirt to match some shoes you have at home, and your blazer you just bought will complete the look.

Not wanting to be overzealous or out of place, you look for a neutral color that helps to make sure you are taken seriously, but also making sure that you are not the focus of the party. This is of the utmost importance, you do not want to upstage the bride and groom while making your speech. After some searching, you settle on a steely gray blazer that match your gray pants. Not so bright as to attract attention, but not boring and drab like a traditional blue or black blazer. On it is stamped the Polo Ralph Lauren logo so you know you're getting the quality you're paying for. Looking online was definitely the best decision and with your purchase, you can worry about everything else for the party.

As the party is a rousing success, the bride and groom make their way to where you are tossing some horseshoes out back. They thank you endlessly for all the work you put into the party and how smoothly it went. The bride even mentions tearing up at your speech as the best man. They cannot wait to have you in their wedding.

With the success of the engagement party you can finally relax. A classic look tailored by Ralph Lauren did the trick as the guests will remember the happy couple smiling as you told jokes about the groom.

Ralph Lauren is a brand that finds a way to be casual while maintaining the quality and look of exquisitely formal clothing. The men's blazer from Ralph Lauren could be considered one of the most iconic looks to ever come from the country, and everyone would nod their heads in agreement. Whether you are dressing for a business lunch, a first date downtown, or you need to give the best man speech at an engagement party, Ralph Lauren has the perfect look to match.

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