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Beautiful Jean Yves Red Illusion Tuxedo

new arrow image The Jean Yves Red Illusion Tuxedo Is Beautiful And Daring
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You'll be sure to leave an impression with the jean yves red illusion tuxedo. This is the lamborghini of tuxedos and certainly isn't for the everyday man who just wants to fit in. This is the tux for a sleek, powerful, elegant wearer of fine threads. Impeccable details and slim fit make this a modern innovation. Although black has been the dominant color in the world of formal wear and tuxedos, a red tuxedo is stunning against a sea of classic black and white dress shirts. Even with the outstanding color, this tux is surprisingly versatile and will stand the test of time. As long as black is a classic look, red will be for those who know breaking the rules can be the best part of dressing for impact. The one button jacket is simple and straightforward. The same is expressed in the single breasted styling. A notched lapel is a classic tradition that formalizes tuxedos. Satin trimming accents finishing lines. A no vent jacket with slash besom pockets are just a few details that reflect the thought and consideration in design. Created with pure wool, this jean yves red Illusion tuxedo is breathable and flexible, making it a comfortable choice as well as stunningly beautiful. Choose pleated or flat front pant to customize the look to your perfect fit. This invention combines trendy, powerful impressions with the classic tradition of the tuxedo.

Expertly mix fashion and formal to perfectly capture the event. This is special attire designed to make sure you stand apart from the crowd. Create allure and be noticed while enjoying the satisfaction of competitive pricing. This is a one of a kind outfit to represent your physique, persona, and age. Expresses your fashion forward sense and formal menswear savvy with the jean yves red Illusion tuxedo.

Mens burgundy tuxedo is a stand out alternative
If Lamborghini red isn't quite for you, try a muted alternative with the mens burgundy tuxedo. Burgundy offers a classic vintage flair for a retro look. A mens burgundy tuxedo can offer you the standout quality of jean yves red Illusion tuxedo without a slightly different quality in the impression imposed on onlookers.

White tuxedo black lapel - A lesson in transposition
Daring, trendy, and classic in one tuxedo jacket. This is a look that was daring in the 50s and remains so. Yet, this design is pure class when worn with attitude. A white tuxedo black lapel is the perfect combination of two classic tuxedo colors in one outfit. Opt for the notched lapel, breathable wool, and daring color choice with a classic fit.

The white tuxedo for prom is impressive and handsome
While most looks designed to stand out do just that, wearing a white tuxedo for prom is surprisingly quiet and muted while clearly noticeable. Opt for humble, yet outspoken with this look. Double breasted or single, pleated or flat, you can customize your formal wear and use the color to individualize and own your place in at the event.

Brown tuxedos are a hit
Brown tuxedos are a surprising hit at any fancy fete. They aren't common, but they can be surprisingly versatile. Lifted from the black landscape of common black tuxedos, you're memorable and individual in brown tuxedos. Customize your fit in many ways, from the collar to the pockets, to the pants, but choose brown tuxedos to express brawn and sophistication.

A navy tuxedo is the right choice
Navy is the color of many military members as well as royal dress attire. With or without the military reference, choose a navy tuxedo to communicate your leadership. Navy helps express a commanding presence and a navy tuxedo will set you apart from the crowd. Customize the details, but choose navy to solidify your stand-out position.

A royal blue and white tuxedo is stunning
An uncommon and unexpectedly handsome way to celebrate with formal wear. Be the talk of the party with this original look. Stunning and memorable, a royal blue and white tuxedo will leave guests truly enamored. Quality fabric and stitching, lined, and superbly tailored. Customize fit and accessories, but choose a royal blue and white tuxedo for the originality it represents in you.

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