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Features Of Big And Tall Sport Coats For Men

Big and tall sports coats for men
Big and tall sports coats for men refer to the sport coats meant for taller and bigger men. Coats have always found an important place in the world of men's clothing. They lend a man grace and stature in the society. But there are various types of coats that are worn on different occasions. One such type of coat is sport coats. Sport coat, though look quite similar to a blazer and suit coat but have slight differences. Firstly, sport coat is less formal in nature and is more of a semi-formal wear than a formal wear. Secondly, it can be worn with shirts and t-shirts alike unlike suits, of course only if one can carry them with elan, yet they are more suited with shirts, be it formal or casual. Also, they can be worn with denims. Moreover, Sport coats come in varied fabrics and patterns such as cotton, wool, tweed, flannel, corduroy, camel hair, seersucker. They also have worsted fabrics in patterns such as sharkskin, hounds tooth, bird's eye, and of course solid colors. Another feature of big and tall overcoats is the pockets. Yes, sport coats have comparatively more number of pockets and usually have flapped pockets at sides. Rest, the rules of wearing a sport coat with shirts are same as that of suit, i.e., to inch of cuff shows and about inch of the top of the collar above the jacket's collar.

The other commendable feature of sport coats is the different styles and looks that can be experimented with it. For this, we have to have a look at its history. Big and tall sports coats for men can be traced down in history as costume for hunting and outdoor sporting activities, thus the name, sport coat. One can easily feel the legacy in form of leather patches at shoulder and elbow of a sport coat, though they are not mandatory to be found on every sport coat. Even the fit of Sport coats can vary according to the individual's personal taste of clothing. Usually, sport coats are not perfectly fitted and always have little room so as to give it a casual feel since it's a casual wear. A sport coat can be worn with equal elan both at casual and formal events if accessorized properly. Sport coats if worn properly, can automatically make you look leaner and muscular.

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