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Know About Various Types Of Black And White Striped Suit

Black And White Striped Suit
Men's suit are generally of solid colours but for change in the wardrobe the Black And White Striped Suit adds to the mix. Style of men's suit keeps on changing to add new fashion and style in suits. They are available in various colours have variety of colours including black stripe, blue stripe, gray stripe, brown stripe, white stripe and olive stripe. These variations in colour makes it easy to find something that fits according to occasion and personality but black and white striped suit looks best. Stripes have been a stable in men's wear for a long time. The stripes are not same as the stripes on suits are may be vertical or horizontal vertical but differ in styles at affordable prices.

  • Pinstripe Suit- The first most classic stripe is pinstripe. As the name suggest pinstripes are very narrow vertical prominent stripes in coloured suits like white, dark gray and black. There are various types of pinstripes these days like muted pinstripes, micro pinstripes etc.

  • Chalk Stripe Suit- There are other stripes like thicker chalk stripe. These stripes are set farther apart due to their greater width and less suitable for large man as they draw attention to ones girth. They give a more dressy effect.

  • Shadow stripes Suit- The shadow stripes are the stripes that are shade darker or lighter than the base colour of the suit. This style is found with black base colour as shadows are always black but they are available in navy blue base colour. Hey never go with lighter shades like cream of light gray. In charcoal gray colour also they appear rarely. The black and white striped suit create a subtle style that is unmatched with any other shade of fabric.

Let discuss the ways to wear striped suits, not required in solid colours.
  • When a man is choosing to wear a striped suit the weight of the stripe need to be considered. Thinner stripes or those that are less than an inch in width can affect the weight of a man. Thinner man enjoys the added weight of thicker stripes.

  • The right colours are also very important for the striped suits to look professional and stylish like black and white striped suit. The choosing of shirt is to be considered with the colour of the pinstripes in the suit. Sometimes a striped shirt can be worn with a pinstripe suit but it may reduce the confidence level of a man after wearing it if he is uncomfortable. A man needs to be confident after wearing a suit so the colour combinations are to be simple to give sophisticated and professional look. Striped socks especially those with wide horizontal stripes often clash with the stripes of the suits. So the colour of the socks with stripes need to be subtle and the stripes are thin.

  • When two pieces of striped clothing are combined then the stripes should be of different widths. This allows the stripes to play off each other in a complementary way. For example a striped tie with a pinstripe suit then the stripe in the tie should run horizontally. The best way to decide whether the striped suit along with tie and shit suitable or not is to observe oneself carefully in front of the mirror and keenly watch if anything went wrong.

Matching colour, patterns and stripe directions are confusing but one should be familiar with fashion and study the fashion tips to have an idea of the fashion. So the above tips to be kept in mind to wear the black and white striped suit of men with confidence.

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