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Taking Formal To The Next Level- Boys Suits Costume!

Formal suits are always the best option for dressing up your little guy, as they always come in handy for many occasions like weddings, fancy parties, special ceremonies, funerals and other dressy events. People believe that investing in suits for young boys is not essential and they substitute other cheaper alternatives in the place of suits. This is because of the fact that young boys grow out of it pretty soon and the suits tend to out of use. However, a suit always guarantees the maximum dapper, and makes your young one look smart and adorable. The criteria for selecting formal suits for boys are always different from those of the criteria for selecting adult men's suits. Different factors need to be considered in both the scenarios for picking the right suit.

The suits of boys are similar in structure to those of adult men. The suits can be regular kind of suits or tuxedo types, which are more formal than the regular suits. A regular suit can be either of a traditional color, bold color or patterned. Traditional colors include black, navy blue, dark blue, dark brown and different shades of gray. Black is the default color for a suit and it has the most versatility as it is appropriate to all kinds of occasions and venues where suits are appropriate. Bold colors include colors that don't come under the regular traditional color category. Colors that are of the shades of Reds, greens, whites, light blues, purple, and pinks are all bold statements for a suit. The safest options of shirts for bold colors like reds and greens include white, off- white or very light colors. Patterned suits can include the patterns of thin or thick pinstripes, checks, plaids, paisleys, tweeds, and unique prints. The bold colored and patterned suits are not appropriate for very formal conservative events.

Boys Suits

The elements of a three- piece tuxedo consists of a white dress shirt, black vest, black suit jacket with a notch lapel and black trouser pants. The standard accessories of a tuxedo include a black bow- tie and a white pocket square. A regular suit can be worn with or without the vest, with different kinds of lapels, made from different fabrics, with or without pocket squares, of different colors and patterns, sporting ties or bowties. Tuxedos can be worn for formal black tie events, weddings and other major celebrations, whereas a suit can be worn to other kinds of occasions as well. Never buy a suit that is large for him just because he might grow out of it shortly. Always make sure the shirt, pants, jacket fit him exactly well and buy them of his current size, as the right fit is the most comfortable.


When it comes to a boys suit, functionality is more important than integrity or elegance. The suit should be easily wearable and removable, and it should also be light- weighted and breathable. The elegance and the look of the suit don't matter in this case.

Young boys tend to be very active and energetic, and they usually run around, roll or jump around, and play while wearing the suit. Therefore the suit needs to be made of very durable fabric. The suit's fabric should be highly effective in preventing wear and tear. Buy a suit of thick high quality worsted wool and never be reluctant to spend for a suit of durable fabric.

Opt for a black suit, since the stains are also not very visible in black. Cleaning a black suit is much easier, and black is also a universally acceptable color for a suit.

There is also another advantage that when you buy a black suit, if your child grows out of the pants for example, you can simply buy another pair of pants. You don't need to buy a different suit altogether.

The child should learn to pick his own suit, since he needs to develop a good sense of taste.

Limit your budget when it comes to purchasing a boy's suit, since ultimately he would grow out of it pretty soon.

Accessorize the look with oxfords or other formal footwear, ties or bowties, pocket squares and others to make your young man shine out.

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