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Chinese Collar Blazer For Mens

White blazer for men Chinese collar blazer for mens, also called a mandarin collar blazer, is one of the more favoured and sought after types of blazers in the world today. Its main feature is of course the 'Mandarin' collar, which is a stand up collar originating from the frontal part of the neck and extending vertically for a few inches. The two ends overlap briefly around the centre, forming an extended collar-of-sorts above the necktie.

Blazers designed this way are extremely popular in the West, and regarded as major oriental-style piece of clothing. They are considered to have been designed way ahead of their time, and are used extensively in minimalist style clothing.

Such chinese collared blazer for mens can be worn to a wide range of events, although it is commonly worn at very formal gathering. No necktie is required due to the unique look and nature of the particular collar that gives this design its name.

These blazers are perfectly shaped for a double breasted suit, and are usually designed to fit. They come in various popular colors as well, with green black and purple being specially favored. Made of ponte fabric and containing a polyester lining, they are the top choice when it comes to dressing up for an elegant night out.

Although such collared shirts are also quite popular, it's the chinese collar blazer for mens that really stand out in mainstream fashion. Chinese collar blazer being adorned by the celebrities on screen, really emphasising the power and social symbol of this attire.

Black velvet men's blazer
The black velvet men's blazer is one that particularly stands out, and resonates a powerful sense of suaveness when worn. Supplementing both formal and semi formal wear, they are as useful as a fashion statement as well as making you relaxed and comfortable. With the right pair of dress pants and shirt that goes in tandem with this blazer, you could make a really bold statement at your workplace or outside of it. Black, cream or beige polo shirts and black pants are ideal, and will provide a final effect that is extremely desirable.

Burgundy velvet blazerBurgundy velvet blazer
Burgundy is another frequently recommended choice when it comes to blazers, and burgundy velvet blazer for men sell like hot cakes in most major outlets. This asymmetrical design is popular in the East and West alike, and usually comes with two buttons in a slim-fit type outfit. It can be complemented with lots of popular colors such as cream, beige, black and more. The beauty of this outfit is its ability to blend in within any social setting, and provide the unique mix of elegance as well as the 'casual' look to the wearer.

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