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The Importance Of Corduroy Sport Coat

Corduroy Sport Coat
There are few garments in men's wardrobe that changes the entire look and feel of any man trying to look smart. One of such garment also showing difference sport coat vs blazer . Wearing it over a smart or a simple shirt totally transforms the looks. It changes the way a stranger looks and observes the one wearing the sports coat. The coat's fabric is balanced in such a manner, that it could kill any environment, be it professional or casual. It makes the person wearing the same adapt to the nature that he/she is present in. How the Corduroy Sport Coat enhances the personality of the person wearing.

  • It boost the profile : If the jacket is well fitted on the shoulder of a man, it heightens and broadens the man's shoulder. It also enhances the mid section of the person if it bulging, by giving it a slim look. Basically, it creates an overall masculine appearance for the person wearing the same.

  • Its handy : The coat is an all purpose jacket. This is for the simple reason that during winters, it helps the man wearing it by keeping him warm. At the same time, the jacket has many pockets in which one can keep various things that may be of importance. With this men would not need to carry stuff in their trousers, as it would be uncomfortable for them. This all purpose corduroy sport coat makes it comfortable for them to carry items.

  • It makes you feel different : In most of the offices, with professional dressing code, it's hard to find anyone wearing a sports jacket. Everyone in the office is wearing formals. Whoever is present in that particular environment resemble one another in terms of cloths. Thus when someone walks into that particular atmosphere wearing a sports coat, he ought to look different. Thus it makes that particular individual stand out in the crowd.

The Fit of a Jacket

  • The fit of a sport jacket is usually casual. Many like it to be loose so that they can wear layered clothes beneath it. Truck drivers usually prefer to wear this style because it makes driving easy for them.

The fabric of a Sport Coat

  • The fabric or the material of a sports jacket could be made of different weaves and weights. Mostly we see that the coat fabric is either made with cotton threads during summer and wool material in winter months. There are many individuals who prefer to wear blended fabrics. This totally depends on the budget the particular individual has. The typical or the most common fabric for coats is flannel, tweed, camel hair, corduroy, seersucker. There are wide ranges of trounced fabrics in designs like sharkskin, bird's eye, houndstooth and naturally solid colors.

The style of a Men's Corduroy Sport Coat

  • The most common and the favorite style of a sports coat is that, it's style is totally different from that of a formal dinner jacket. Also there are different and wide ranges of options available in the sports jackets. If the history is traced of the jackets, then one can even go down to ancient times in terms of sports jackets.

In short all men and women can be comfortable when they wear a Corduroy Sport Coat, whereas they can't be the same wearing a formal jacket.

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