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Cowboy hats

Equestrians were the ones who first started to use these cowboy hats and as days passed by it was used widely by all people for different occasion. Initially, the concept of these hats began in country of Mexico where different kinds of cowboy hats namely "Sombrero" and "Galan" types of hats were produced. The shape of this hat can be easily modified by the wearer to protect against different weather condition and also to experiment new style of fashion. One can see many western singers from Canada and Northern Mexico using these types of hats.

Cowboy hats

Now-a-days, modern cowboy hats made up of fur-based felt, straw or leather with a rounded crown are available. This hat consists of a sweat band on the inner side of it to absorb the sweat and act as moisture resistant. These hats come in different colors like beige, brown and black and they are also available in innovative designs. Colorful bands or bows or buckles are tied around the crown and the crown is pinched in different manner to produce various styles like open crown, center dent, teardrop, telescope and cattleman. The brim of the hat also various and the customer can get that he desires and fits his head perfectly without any discomfort.

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