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The Real Crocodile Shoes

Crocodile Shoes
Many people round the world are particular about what they wear. Some are even brand freaks. If they decide that they would wear only Crocodile Shoes, come hail come storm, they won't change their decision. Everyone round the world is aware that the market is full of fake stuff. There are many brands that make shoes out of plastic and fake leather and name it as crocodile leather. The person, who is a brand freak, should understand that the pair is fake just by seeing it. The appearance of the pair would be too shinny and the texture would also not be natural. The shoe would also smell like plastic and not leather.

There might be chances that one might get carried away with the shininess of the crocodile shoes. A close look at the scales that were handmade would also not be real. The sole of the shoe, at the same time would be made out of plastic. At the same time the heel in the pair would be glued to the sole and it would seem that the pair won't last for even 6 months. The stitching done on the pair would also be fake.

There are many manufacturers of Crocodile Boots in the market, who charge a good amount of money for the fake pair. The job done on those pairs are fabulous. The problem comes with the skin of crocodile. Even if the manufacturers use the best quality of leather, there is no way that they can replicate the skin texture. Crocodile skin when touched feels like snake skin. There are granules on the skin. When someone rubs their hand on it they can feel the granules on the surface. Crocodile skin has a feature of flexibility which is lost in the leather that is printed. The other way that one can check if the shoes are real or not is by taking a close look at the interior of the shoe. The inner lining of the shoe would not be made of real leather. If they even use one, the quality would be inferior.

As stated earlier, the shoes sole would not be made out of leather. If the maker uses leather in the sole, they would apply glue in the crocodile shoes. The best feature of a real shoe is that, the sole is nailed and not glued. Also the sole of the shoe, would be highly polished just like real shoes. Nose is the best way that one can recognize if the shoe is real or not. As soon as the pair is taken out of the box, the smell would be noticed immediately. On the other hand, the fake pair of the shoe will not smell of aromatic real leather. The real crocodile shoes will have stamps on the sole which would state that the shoe is made of genuine leather and made in Italy. There would also be a small brass plaque that would be nailed into the shoes sole.

If you want to buy real pair of Crocodile Shoes, then it won't take you long to understand if the pair is real or it's an imitation.

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