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Different Sizes Of Oriental Suits

There are differences of culture in western parts and eastern parts of the world and along come the ways they wear. The culture of suits is more prevalent in western countries but it is also worn by Eastern men. Oriental people are the eastern culture people i.e. those staying in the Asia's south portion of the Himalayan Mountains and the suits worn by them are oriental suits.

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The oriental suits of China are Tang suits, kung fu suits and Zhongshan suits and also the western suit. The Tang mens suits are short tunics with high and round collars and lapels. It was previously worn by nobleman and government officials but now is worn by common people even women. The suits have and varied colours like red, dark blue and black. It portrays Chinese characters to spread good luck and wishes. The kung fu suits as the name suggests is the traditional fighting form and these suits are worn for the comfort in fighting.

 mens suits There is another form of male attire the Zhongshan suit which is modern Chinese tunic suit and is also known as Mao suit which comes from the name of leader Mao Zedong. It is a unity of western and eastern business suit. It is made of wool or cotton blended and has five centre font buttons symbolising five powers of constitution. The three cuff buttons symbolizes the three principles of people \96 Nationalism, Democracy, Peoples livelihood. It is also worn in weddings, party, ball and different occasions these days. These suits come in different sizes starting from chest 31'' to 51'' and hips 31.5'' to 52.5' depending on the height of the people. .

There is also another form of oriental suits available another Asian country India is the Price suit or coat which is the lounge or tuxedo suit for India .The length is similar to those of suit jackets. The stand up collar is the main point of this apparel. The matching trousers are narrow in shape. They are generally made of dark wool. They have embroideries of pearls, crystal on the suit which makes the appearance of prince who wears it. The sizes of Asisan people are different from European and American. The Prince suit sizes start from Chest 30'' to 50'' and waist 24'' to 44' and hips 34'' to 54''. To purchase oriental suits one has to keep in mind the above knowledge and also the suit size and then order or buy them.

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