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Does Fedora Hat Look Good With Fitted Suits?

A hat is an accessory for covering the head for ceremony or fashion. Among these, there is a hat known as Fedora hat is a felt hat worn by men. It comes in with a variety of colours like black, grey, tan and dark brown and variety of types like Straw fedoras, Wool fedoras, canvas fedoras, trilby hat etc. It is a hat worn by many Hollywood stars featuring the Texas cowboy. It has also gained importance in gangsters' movies as well.

Fedora hat
Fedora hat Fedora hat Fedora hat

The word Fedora was used in early 1891 and the hat looks like creased lengthwise down with teardrop crowns, diamond crowns or others and pinched in the front on both sides. It enhances the look as this hat signifies sophisticated classic look.The hat can be worn with any attire both casual and formal but goes well with fitted suits. There are a lot of suits that are fitted ones like the dinner jackets or tuxedos, for warmer climates there are the Linen suit.

 Fedora hat All these suits are fitted suits and looks excellent if worn with a fedora hat. A hat is such an accessory along with other accessories like cuff-links and handkerchief that adds elegance to Making one's own fashion and style is most important part and for this accessories play an important role. Purchasing a costly fitted suit from a branded store doesn't look complete without polished formal fedora hat, a hat that suits the occasion especially fedora hat and cuff-links.

The choice of colours of Fedora hat plays a vital role as it should match with suit like brown Fedora with Brown suit. It needs to ensure that the hat is of right size so that it does not fall down around the ears or leaves a red mark on the face after it is removed. Another important part of wearing a fedora with fitted suit is to take off indoors or when a woman is entering the lobby or elevator or to talk with her. The hat not only looks good with the suits but also with fitted shirts or a jacket in warm weather. It can also be worn with casual funky clothes with at- shirt and a pair of jeans and cargo sorts. Sneakers also go well with the casual looks. Thus, this Hat is worn with every outfit keeping in mind the occasion.

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