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How to dress elegantly in Man's Suit?

Mens SuitsThe suit is a marvelous piece of male garment unequalled by any other particularly because of its enduring appeal. In the hierarchy of men's style and fashion, a well-tailored suit remains a man's biggest trump card. The Mens Suit looks imperial and carries an air of authority and sophistication.

A man's suit is designed to make you look impressive, to break barriers between social classes, to make a small man tall with pinstripes or a fat man rich with soft wools.

Unfortunately the majority of ready-made suits is ill-fitting and looks awful. Added to this, most men either do not bother or do not know how to select and buy the right suit. It is said that men come in all physical shapes and sizes but most 'off the rack' suits do not. It is true, finding the perfect, well fitting and well rounded suit can be an intimidating task.

To dress elegantly in a man's suit, it is essential that the suit fits your body measurements perfectly. Any ill-fitting suit will be uncomfortable to wear and may even make you look clumsy.

Thus, dressing for your specific body type is the basic key to men's suits. The suit, no matter the style, needs to fit your body, closely. This means all pieces should be cut and tailored exact to your body measurements.

The Perfect Fit:
Although Thomas Jefferson declared that "all men were created equal," when it comes to body type and men's suits, this bold statement is simply untrue.

One thing to always keep in mind when shopping for a man's suit is that the fit of the suit is its ultimate test. So learn about how to shop for your body type and to find the suits that are most flattering for you. Perfect fit includes neck, shoulders, sleeves, chest, waist and inseam. When it is all said and done, you should be able to stretch and bend easily in your suit. Make sure that you that you have free movement of your arms.

How to determine that the suit fits perfectly? When you are standing, your suit jackets' collar should sit flush against the back of your neck and collarbone and allow a 1/2 inch of shirt collar to show above the neck. The suit lapel must descend unbent and unbuckled down your chest. The suit sleeves must extend exactly to the wrist bone of each arm.

The suit jacket must always be long enough to cover your rear, and nowhere should it pull, bunch up or appear to be sliding off their shoulders. The elegantly dressed man's suit must reveal no defects. The trouser should not pull around the stomach; the pants leg should not exposes the sock; the trouser must be long enough to rest on top of each shoe.

The Tall Man:
TuxedoIf you are tall and skinny, opt for heavier fabrics to add some extra dimensions and additional weight to your body. If you are tall and thin, choose horizontal stripes to add weight a bit. A single, large horizontal stripe across the chest area can be particularly flattering because it will make your shoulders appear broader and will make you look like you have a perfect frame.

Lighter fabrics will hang on your body rather loosely and make you look more lean and frail. Choose fabrics like tweed or a heavier weight worsted wool.

Lighter colors always make your body type appear more bulky. For the taller men, lighter colors are going to add width to the body and hence stay away from the charcoal grays and blacks or match them with a colorful shirt and tie combination. Stay away from long pinstripes and dark colors and instead choose a lighter color such as khaki or gray. Because most tall men seldom have much of a rear to make room for, they can either go for no vent or a single vent.

The Bulky Man:
A man with a heavy physical frame and men with prominent muscles should find a fitted suit that's slenderizing. Choose soft, worsted wools as you should not be adding heavy fabrics on top of your bulky frame. Every big man must choose dark colors that provide a slimming effect. Choose dark navy or black for your suits for the best effect.

If you are bulky, particularly in the stomach area, avoid any kind of horizontal as well as diagonal stripes. Whereas vertical stripes draw the observer's eye downward, elongating your silhouette and visually slimming it. Vertical stripes elongate the frame, and they also add some smartness to your suit mix. Choose a single-vent jacket, which will give you the extra room you need without the extra attention.

The Short Guy:
A guy who is relatively short must avoid suit patterns that are too loud, because it will only further highlight your small frame. Vertical stripes are one of the greatest ways to create an illusion of making short frame appear bigger. As stripes generally run top to bottom, they tend to draw the eye upward and elongate the look of the suit. For shorter men, showing more cuffs from the bottom of the jacket will lengthen the arms and make him appear well- proportioned. Choose double vents as they emphasize the outside lines of the body and will create a longer silhouette and lengthens your frame.

Coat Buttons:
The number of buttons on your suit jacket will contribute a great deal to the fit and the cut and add further elegance to your body shape.

TuxedoThree Button Suits particularly flatter men of a medium or tall build. 3 Button Suits will also look more flattering on a tall guy because it has height and length that is proportional to his body. Never fasten the last button; instead button up the top two - or just the middle button.

Two Button Suits complement all body shapes - more so, men with shorter torsos. The two-button jacket is now the norm and designed to work for all body types. To ensure the best-looking fit in the coat, remember that two buttons are optimal. In all such cases, fasten only the top button of your two button jacket.

One Button Suits are the trendiest suits and look elegant on slighter frames. When you're standing up the button should always be done up, yet the reverse is true when you are seated. The short guy should choose a single button that will be more proportionate to his frame and give him extra length.

Button the top button, only, when it comes to two buttons. With the three-button jacket, button either the middle button alone or the top two.

Fabric of Suits:
Men suits are made from different materials such as leather, nylon, cotton and many more. The time of year you wear your suit will determine the fabric you should opt for. Wool suits are the most rampantly worn and as it can be worn all year round. The finest wool is of course the worsted wool, with a high thread count or super wool as it is known in tailoring parlance.

The finest wools are 450 but these are extremely fine and therefore delicate and difficult to maintain, so opt for a number in the low hundreds if you want to find a suit that is durable. Worsted wools include gabardines or mid-weight corded wools. Any good fabric will spring back without wrinkling after it's squeezed and this is the simple test.

Cotton suits are ideal for summer months, as the breathable fabric keeps you cool and comfortable. Linen Suits are also acceptable for summer season, as they are equally lightweight and breathable. The only drawback with linen is they crease easily, so are not ideal when travelling.

Mens SuitsTraditionally, men's silk suits are clothing for the wealthy and the elite. In the case of silk, which can be slippery and difficult to work with, only the best tailors are capable of doing a decent job. When it comes to the very finest silk, men know that they must pay a small fortune to end up with a suit that will last forever and look exquisite for its whole lifespan.

The Suit Colors:
The Standard Blue:
Highly recommended for business meets, formal lunches, summer dinners and casual parties. Standard blue means navy and not any paler shades as most variations of blue will look ludicrous.
The Classic Gray:
This is a versatile color suit appropriate for almost all occasions. The classic gray suit will be attention-grabbing and make ladies crane their necks. The classic gray is never controversial and you can therefore wear it with gay abandon.
The Basic Black:
This is invariably the king of all suits and the perfect compliment to a good white shirt. The basic black suit is ubiquitously worn by celebrities and men who matter. If you can afford only one suit - opt for a basic black suit.

If you're looking for a work suit to wear several times a week, choose a dark, classic color over something lighter which will show the grime. If you wear a suit only occasionally (weddings, funerals etc) a black, navy or grey option is the choice. For job interviews, avoid colors and styles that are flashy and flamboyant and instead choose a sober dignified shade.

There are casual suits that can be worn any time for casual events such as corporate meetings, conference and many more. It provide a casual looks and available in various styles and fabrics.

Suit Tailoring:
Shoulders are absolutely critical as if your jacket does not fit perfectly at the shoulder chances are it will not fit anywhere else. Suit shoulders should hug your body frame and look clean and neat. Pay serious attention to how the jacket sits on the shoulder - so long as these fit the rest of the jacket should automatically fall in place.

As regards chest, your jacket should button easily without any strain - neither too tight nor too loose. Once your jacket is buttoned, place your fist between you and the jacket - any wider than your fist then it is too big.

The length of the jacket sleeve is another crucial aspect. The length of the coat sleeve must be somewhat shorter than the shirt sleeve so that the shirt peeps half inch at the end of the coat's arm length. Hang your arms straight and cup the jacket hem in your hands. If you cannot reach, then it is too long.

Most suits have a vent but the type of vent you choose is down to personal taste and body shape. Opt for a traditional centre vent or side vents which are more European.

There are two main types of lapels - the notch lapel which is the standard shape seen on most Business Suits and the peak lapel which is decidedly elegant and creates a greater impact.

The next question is about lining. Nowadays, suits are made with in a multitude of appealing shades, curious patterns and prominent stripes. There are no rules regarding the lining - just choose your favorite.

Mens SuitsWhile single-breasted and double breasted styles can fit most body types, single-breasted jackets tend to flatter the slim while double-breasted jackets make the stout look majestic.

The rise of the trousers (where they sit on your waist) should suit your taste, physical frame and style. The legs should look flattering - being neither too tight nor too loose. Make sure that the waistline of your trousers is comfortable and that you can stick two fingers into the waist when wearing them.

And as far as pleats are concerned, it's usually a personal preference. Your pants should reach your shoes and have a slight break. If you find the trouser waist or length an inch or two in excess, a tailor can easily alter them.

Like women, men these days have also become aware and particular about what they wear. Men suits also reveal a man's personality. We know that most women judge a man not only by his physical appearance and general behavior but also by his attire.

In view of this development, men's suits also come in different designs, styles, colors, cut and quality. Men's suits have become modernized and there are various stores offer the best quality suits and you can also buy suits online.


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