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Exquisite Zoot Suits for Men

Zoot SuitsIt is a historically known fact that Zoot suits were largely popularized by Mexican Americans, African Americans, Filipino Americans and Italian Americans, during the middle decades of the twentieth century.

Zoot suit for men may be best defined as a man's suit comprising of a long, pronouncedly oversized jacket with wide padded shoulders and broad lapels and baggy, tight-cuffed, waist-high trousers. The zoot suit was usually worn with an unduly long keychain that looped almost to one's ankle.

By this very description, it may appear that zoot suits are uncouth and there can be nothing like an exquisite zoot suit.

Nonetheless, zoot suits were hugely popular during the 1940s. Although zoot suits are today much less popular as compared to mid 20th century - the modern and more sophisticated versions of zoot suits are still worn by men for costume parties, marriages, family outings and other special events.

The quantum of cloth and elaborate tailoring required for making zoot suits turned them into luxury items affordable only by the select few.

This extravagant waste of material and costly tailoring labor were factors that led to the infamous Zoot Suit Riots. Wearing the oversized zoot suit was deemed unpatriotic during war time and was considered a symbol of rebellious attitude.

As zoot suits are designed differently than conventional Mens suits, it is necessary for you to think about all of their components like color, material, pattern, measurements, and related accessories - if you are keen to own exquisite zoot suits.

The color of an exquisite zoot suit largely depends on the occasion in which you plan to wear them. Nonetheless, most men fond of wearing exquisite zoot suits prefer bright vibrant colors such as red, blue, gold, green, orange, yellow, pink, etc. However, it is essential to scrupulously avoid radiant colors if the event is listed as white tie or black tie.

Exquisite zoot suits are predominantly worn by groomsmen during wedding ceremonies. For occasions like weddings - black, grey, and white are the most favored colors. If you wish to wear zoot suits more often, it is prudent to choose a color that will be comfortable and appropriate to each occasion.

Zoot SuitsWhen opting to buy an exquisite zoot suit, the right pattern is of paramount importance. Zoot suits come with different patterns such as regular stripes, pinstripes, checkers, or plaid. However, men who are planning to wear zoot suit for a wedding may prefer pinstripes over any other design. Men who are keen to opt for a pattern that flatters their body shape can choose stripes. If a tall man wants to appear shorter, horizontal stripes can be ideal. For short stature men who want to look taller or trimmer, vertical pinstripes can indeed be flattering.

There is a wide variety of fabrics used to make zoot suits. Zoot suits are invariably made of polyester or special polyester blends. Zoot suits with prominent stripes are quite often blended with satin or such similar shiny fabric to provide contrast. Zoot suits are occasionally made of silk or even wool to obtain the exquisite look. To make zoot suits appear truly exquisite, they must be made to measurements.

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