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A Fitted Suit Creates The Perfect Blend Of Fashion And Class For The Wearer

Fitted Suits
When selecting the jacket its best to go for a two buttoned one. Its not only in fashion but also is ideal for most body types.When the buttons are doubles it is advisable to select a sing vent. Since they attract the eye, double vents will emphasise on the back thus, single vents are a perfect choice.

Factors while selecting a fitted suit

  • In terms of fabric they should follow the opposite advice for the bulkier men.
  • Skinny men should select heavyweight fabrics such as tweed or worsted wool that is heavier in weight. This will give them a fuller as well as a sleek look. When it comes to colour they must go for lighter colours and loud patterns.
  • Selecting stripes will accentuate their lean built and make them appear very thin.
  • A two buttoned jacket is trendy and very much in fashion but a three buttoned one would be very ideal. Especially for tall men. They can carry it off extremely well.
  • Skinny men can select a single or a double vent. They have the freedom of choice and they can even choose to not go for any vents at all.
  • If they have an impressive height then it would be advisable to go for pants that do not accentuate their height rather be balanced and symmetrical.
Thus, if a fitted suit is selected keeping in mind the above factors it will not only enhance the persona of the man but also make him stand out of the crowd.The perfect conjunction between a man and the personality he displays is a evident in his choice of suit. An ideal fitted suit is smooth, sleek collection along with two exclusive details. The fist is a slim fit, particularly around the shoulders and the other is short hemlines. It is different from the regular suits that are a part of traditional fashion statement. It may be the most in trend but one must buy it according to his body type. If chosen wisely they can leave an impressive lasting impression on people.

Factors when planning to buy a fitted suit

  • Select a lightweight fabric as those made from heavier fabrics will add and emphasise on the weight.
  • Soft worsted wools are a good choice.
  • Go for dark colours as light ones such as white or cream will only make you look healthier.
  • Dark colours are famous for giving a slim overall look. Black or navy blue could be an interesting option.
  • Solid work or even stripes will make you appear slender whereas flamboyant patterns prove to be a wrong option.

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