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Fleet Feet- Men's White Dress Shoes
Mensusa Fleet Feet- Men's White Dress Shoes A well-dressed person, more so a man, inspires security, promises and good vibes. This article will guide you to shop for men's white dress shoes.

men's white dress shoes

Why men's white dress shoes?

Men are taking real effort to look good- much more than they did decades ago. A quintessential part of this ritual includes adorning those brawny feet with elegant dress shoes. However, many may find it a daunting task to go shopping exclusively for men's white dress shoes.

What in the world are dress shoes, you ask? They are the metro sexual cousins of athletic shoes, built for poise, elegance and displaying your confidence. A well-dressed person, more so a man, inspires security, promises and good vibes.

The Right Way to Shop.

Whether you are the classic shopper who likes it best when he is gliding and careening through numerous shelves, or today's get-go shopper who finds it easier to shop from home, one thing is certain- no compromises when it comes to looking good!

Some points to consider when shopping for men's white dress shoes

Know your feet

What looked good on the skinny mannequin, may not suit your well-toned feet. While it is the usual norm to buy shoes that seem to be the latest trends, it is well-advised to break some fad crazes by choosing your comfort over some passing vogue. Experiment with shapes and mix and match till you find one that feels like walking on air.

Know the types

With many types of dress shoes evolved over the decades, it can be bewildering to decide on which type you want.

Oxfords or Balmorals- this is an elegant type of men's dress shoes where the lacing is closed and there is usually another piece of leather sewn on top of the toes area. These go with most suits.

Derbies- similar to Oxfords, but have open lacing, and may have some brogueing.

Loafers- Primarily a male item of clothing, but increasingly worn by females these days, loafers are slip-ons that lack laces but may have tassels.

Monk shoes- also formal wear, but lack laces and instead have a flap with a clasp on its end. Dress boots- these are short boots that go up to cover the ankles.

Whatever the style you choose, always know it is best to get into the shoes of what you can confidently carry.


Do cross check and compare across different stores and remind yourself not to get pushed into any purchase. You are the one who is going to walk in those shoes, and it is only fitting that you keep your satisfaction as top priority.

Care and Safeguarding

Since most of formal shoes are made of leather, although non-leather versions are also available, stock up on high quality leather polish and cleaners. You don't want that sleek shine to go damp!

Time to Strut!

Ah, there you have it! Perfect, pristine and classy whites that add a spring to your step and suave to your personality! Lace ups or loafers, both are the way to go. And who says you should stop at just one pair?

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